Daredevil vs. Batman Begins



Daredevil doesn't deserve the degree of criticism it receives, but having said that, Batman Begins is the better film.

Honestly, Daredevil the Director's Cut is better than Batman Begins. The DD DC is an origin story with better action and more depth. Too bad they blew the "sequel" on crap like Elektra while Batman went on to up his game with TDK.

Well, Batman Begins is superior to any film that Marvel has ever cranked out, so it obviously crushes one of Stan Lee's weaker efforts. Batman Begins has much more depth, far better acting and more memorable characters.

There are at least TEN Marvel film that are better than Batman Begins and the director's cut of Daredevil is one of them. We're NOT talking TDK here, we're taking Batman Begins and every single Marvel solo studio film beats BB rather easily. (Iron Man 1 & 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor & Captain America) Add X2, X-Men First Class and Spider-Man 1 & 2 and Marvel is practically lapping the severely overrated (or should I say Nolanrated) Batman Begins.

Nothing that has come out of Marvel studios can even touch Batman Begins, especially IM2, which is one of the worst comic book films to poison the big screen in a few years. The only film Marvel has ever produced that comes even close to BB's greatness is X2. Ian Mckellen's Magneto is the only Marvel villain that can rival Neeson's Ras Al Ghul in terms of complexity, depth and menace.

LOL! Yes because Neeson's Ras Al Ghul's flower power villain plot triggered by a magic microwave emitter has so much depth! I feel sorry for anyone thinking that plot is complex. Why? Ra's and his shadow society seems to think that destroying a single city will correct all of society’s woes. So, they try something new in “economics” to destroy Gotham. This fails because the Wayne’s deaths rally the rich and Gotham survives. So, Ra's and company give up and let Bruce grow up and go to Princeton. Then, they wait some more (part of a SEVEN year absence in which Bruce, Alfred and Rachel miraculously never age), find Bruce and train him. They then show him all of their secrets. Brilliant shadow society they have going here. Then, after all this time, they concoct a plan using fear gas generated from flowers and a magic microwave emitter? Honestly, when you break down BB and think about it, it's laughable. Please don't insult anyone's intelligence by putting it in a league with the best of Marvel.

I don't mind saying that I was much more entertained by Daredevil than Batman Begins. Daredevil is so over-the-top, especially Colin Farrell. I don't necessarily need "depth" to enjoy a movie. This comparison is a prime example.

I thought Ra's al Ghul was a lame villain, and Scarecrow was underused. With Daredevil, the whole conflict with Bullseye and the romance with Elektra seemed underdeveloped. I watch the Director's Cut and I think it actually needed to be longer. Elektra doesn't get to do anything significant. Bullseye gets on a plane, hops on a motorcycle, kills some people... Both Elektra and Bullseye needed a scene or two to flesh them out. Elektra was so underused as a capable fighter that she might as well have been a school teacher. The film shows that she has skills, but she never get to use them. There's hardly any time in the film for Daredevil to get to know her. That bugged me. There should've been one other fight in the film where Daredevil, Elektra and Bulleseye mix it up. Forget Elektra mistaking Daredevil as the villain. That was a pointless waste of time. Anyway, I liked Batman Begins more. Not a lot more, but Daredevil left me wanting more than it gave.

I'll go with Batman Begins, but Daredevil wasn't all that bad.

Batman Begins is so weak and has as much substance as Ben Affleck's Daredevil to be honest. Take away fanboy hype they're the same badly constructed films. At least DD gives us a hot Jenifer Garner.

Why is anybody obsessed with daredevil here among it’s one the far terrible movies ever produced made there is no way it’s beating Batman begins here