Nosferatu the Vampyre vs. Nosferatu



on 10/7/2009

Both such wonderful films, but I've always thought that NOSFERATU '79 was one of the few remakes more interesting than the original. Herzog is possibly the greatest living director, and the late Klaus Kinski one of the finest of all actors. As eerie and innovative as the original is, the '79 version is the one I treasure.

on 1/19/2011

Such a tough decision! Both are incredible, hypnotising movies. The remake also managed to capture the spirit of the original whilst still carving its own notch in cinema. In many ways, it did things better. But the original defined everything, and the magical combination of Murnau's directing and Schreck's performance as Nosferatu cannot be underestimated in their genius. But it should be said that Herzog and Kinski came about as close as two mortal men could get.

on 5/28/2013

The original by leaps and bounds....

on 11/19/2013

Easy choice. The original is a frightening, expressionist classic. Vampyre is elevated by Kinski's masterful performance, but as a whole the film still can't touch its vaunted predecessor.

on 6/5/2014

The original is 100% better.

on 10/28/2014

The Original may be a bit boring but with the Symphany added to it its a lot more creepy and better told I love a think the 79 remake was great and did the film justice but the original is still one of the best produced Horror films ever!

on 11/3/2014

The remake is an interesting update, but I still like the performances and cinematography in the original better.