The Incredibles vs. Iron Man



I think it's a credit to Iron Man that I hesitated here.


I'm choosing Iron Man.


Give me an I.....Give me an R.......Give me an O.......Give me an N.........Iron Man......

Oh wow... I'm choosing INCREDIBLES here, but only because it's a deeper movie. IRON MAN is an AWESOME movie.

Iron Man was great at first but let itself down in the 3rd Act. Incredibles. No contest.

Can't imagine how anyone could pick Iron Man over The Incredibles... not even close.

Stack 'em up against the 'bot-suit.

I'm in the minority, but I find the Incredibles overrated, my least favorite Pixar flick behind both Cars movies. I don't LOVE Ironman but it has enough for the win here...

This was difficult, because both are well made and good movies, but in the end, badass wins out over family every time. Iron Man.

This is such a tough choice. I'm going to go with... The Incredibles. Animated or not, it's one of the best movies about superheroes ever made. The same can be said for Iron Man. Both aren't afraid to explore the depths of what it is to become a superhero and both deliver unforgettable characters, mind-blowing action, and a lot of fun.

Iron Man is a solid action flick, but it can't beat The Incredibles.

I'm gonna say Iron Man....for now

The Incredibles wins here though they are two of my favorite superhero flicks.

Two amazing Super Hero films. I prefer The Incredibles.

Incredibles, by far. Iron Man just wasn't good...

Iron Man was fun but The Incredibles was great,

incredibles is probably the best animated superhero film but iron man is better