The Incredibles vs. Monsters, Inc.



OW! This one hurts, but I gotta go with the Monsters.

Two of PIXAR's greatest, but only Monsters, INC. makes me laugh and gawk and cry.

wow this ones hard


I loove both, but I have to choose Monsters.

Hard, but I have to go with The Incredibles.


Monster's Inc by a mile.

Monsters are more fun

The Incredibles is the most overrated Pixar movie, but is still good. Monsters Inc. is the most underrated.

Monsters Inc. has an ending that leaves you speechless with it's perfection.

Monsters, Inc. is, indeed, touching. But, I think that it's the lightest, when it comes to humor, of all the Pixar movies. The Incredibles, though, has heart, as well as wit to match.

It's Pixar; their films need a separate list on flickchart! I'm going with The Incredibles as it's currently my #1 at the moment.

I'll never understand all the love for "Monsters, Inc." It's likable enough, sure, but it's pretty weak. "The Incredibles" is one of the strongest superhero movies ever made; not bad, given the competition.

You know, it's been over two years now since I've seen The Incredibles, and I need a refresher. (I loaned my DVD to my brother-in-law, and the bugger still hasn't watched it!) Meanwhile, I've seen Monsters again and fallen in love with it all over again. The Incredibles is the only Pixar film that has actually slipped a bit in my estimation since I started Flickcharting. Two years ago, this would have been a knee-jerk, automatic vote for the Parr family, but now I'm considering awarding it to Mike & Sully, and I'm not quite sure what to do. (Need that Incredibles refresher...)

Monsters, Inc. but its close

Monster's Inc all day...

Bloody In-laws!

I love all the Pixar movies especially these two. Incredibles has a great story about a super hero family. The father gets bored with normal life and wants to be a hero again! There children are great and hilarious especially JACK JACK. Monsters Inc is a great movie with unique creatures and a story line that tugs at your heart strings. Boo is adorable and you feel a connection with her when Randell tries to suck the "scream" from her. I have to go with Monsters Inc. because that was the movie that made me want to be an animator!

Monster's Inc. is so much better! I didn't like the Incredibles very much. It was kind of a boy movie. And Monster's Inc. is SO funny!

The Incredible's is one of the worst Pixar movies. It is cheesy and just plain stupid! Monster Inc. on the other hand is both funny and touching, and it was SOOO creative. I mean, how did they come up with the door thing? That was awesome.

I'm gonna choose The Incredibles for now.

I gonna say Incredibles, but that could change after some repeat viewings.

Monsters, Inc. is a beautifully touching film with Pixar's best ending and most original idea. It never fails to make me laugh and make me cry. The Incredibles is a unbelievably fun and exciting film, but Monsters, Inc. has to take his victory (if only by a bit).

Aside from the Toy Story Trilogy, these are my two favorite Pixar films and both sit in my top 30 seperated by just a few spots. The Incredibles has the sligh edge.

My two fave pixar films (aside from Up). I'm going for the Incredibles, but only because of Edna.

The Incredibles for me, it has the nostalgia effect on me more than monsters inc.

Incredibles, slightly.

monsterrrs inc

The Incredibles, for sure

Incredibles wins by a narrow margin.

Kid phase : Monsters, Inc Now : The Incredibles

Monsters, Inc. has the slightest of edges. Incredibles seems like it's setting up for a sequel which I hope eventually happens.

I think I like Monsters, Inc. more than The Incredibles. Monsters rule more than superheroes.

John Goodman.

Both tough Pixar films of the decade, but as I think John Goodman is one of the funniest actors in movies, I'm going to go with Monsters, Inc first.

Monsters, Inc.

I'll replace a thousand superheroes and super villains before I let the Pixar studio people die! Just kidding.

Monsters, Inc. all the way.

Monsters are like matching up the contest.

Monsters vs. Superheroes.

Monsters vs. Syndrome.


Monsters vs. The Incredibles.

Monsters is way charming, and yeah, I gotta go with everyone who says Incredibles is a just a wee bit overpraised and overrated.

Incredibles barley.

Monsters Inc! It's my favorite Pixar film

Monsters Inc! It's my favorite Pixar film! Incredibles was pretty good but Monsters Inc is the best!

Monsters Inc! It's my favorite Pixar film! Incredibles was pretty good but Monsters Inc is the best!


I love both movies, but I like The Incredibles more. Its superhero action made me more intrigued.

The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie, so I'd say it crushes Monsters Inc here. But I like Monsters Inc as well.

As good as The Incredibles is, I don't find it all that entertaining. It's still fun to watch, but compared to Monsters Inc, it's not as fun. Monsters Inc also backs up its enjoyability with a really good plot, characters, and villain. Syndrome is better, but Randall is really good too. Perhaps from an objective standpoint, the Incredibles would be better, but I just enjoy Monsters Inc significantly more.

The Incredibles is the best Pixar movie. I really like Monsters Inc, and this definitely is not a landslide, but The Incredibles still wins here.

Both are often considered among Pixar's best, and rightfully so, but Monsters Inc. is the winner for me because I find its story just a little more moving personally.