The Incredibles vs. Incredibles 2



Well, stunned to say but I enjoyed the sequel even more than the original. Maybe it's the freshness or time-lag but whatever the case, loved number two!

Perfect follow up to the first. So very well done.

I think if nostalgia wasn’t such a heavy factor here, incredibles 2 might be a little closer to winning. But I can’t deny that sitting and watching the sequel in the movie theater definitely kicked the memories of watching the original into overdrive.

Seen Incredibles 2 three times already, and my stance on this matchup hasn't changed yet. Incredibles 2 takes a step forward in almost every area, whether it be animation, action, humor, etc. The only thing I didn't feel they improved upon was the family dynamic; it still felt very real, but it didn't hit home quite as much as in the original. It makes up for that minor deficiency in a number of different ways, though. Put simply, it's just too much of a good time to deny here, even if The Incredibles tugs at my emotions more.

Incredibles 2 is great, but not the masterpiece the first one was.


Incredibles 2 is a great sequel to my favourite Pixar movie. I liked the new ideas which the second installment introduced, but in the same time it still had the same charme like the first. The only things i would criticize were the antagonist and how they continued the ending from the first movie (i mean we have been waiting since 14 years :D). The first movie was also more memorable for me, but still a great sequel

I agree, the second is good, but the original just has the nostalgia that is hard to beat.


I prefer the original but Incredibles 2 is still a really good sequel.

I watched Incredibles on Monday for the first time since I was little and I watched the sequel last night. Honestly, I don't feel like I liked either movie as much as I should've. The first one has great action sequences, great dry and sarcastic wit (resembles the dialogue of early Simpsons obviously since Brad Bird was a writer and creative consultant on the golden years of the show) and Mr Incredible is a very fun character. The plot though just felt weak and soulless and the movie was lacking a decent villain and a well realised family dynamic. Still a blast to watch though. As for the sequel, I loved the subplot involving Mr Incredible trying to be a father and this lead to some hilarious moments with Jack Jack and creates the dynamic lacking from the first. The comedy did seem to shift in the sequel from dialogue driven to slapstick, but slapstick can be hilarious if done well. Unfortunately, the main plot was fun but kinda dull and the pacing of the movie isn't the smoothest. Verdict as someone with no nostalgia for these two; I would rewatch the original before the sequel because it moves quicker, has better action and is just funnier!

Incredibles 1 by a long shot

I love both of them, but I think Incredibles 1 is better by a hair.

However unpopular this may be, I didn't even like the second one. However, the first is a masterpiece, so it gets my vote easily.

*actual unpopular opinion, i think the second film is as good as the first one

incredibles 1 and 2 are one of the best suprerhero movies ever

What made the original so good was the fact that it combined cool superhero action with a mature plot, touching, emotional scenes, and character development. Incredibles 2 falters at a lot of that. It felt like I was just watching 2 hours of cool superhero stuff, without the heart that made the original so beloved. Original wins this one for me.

I actually preferred the second...

You really can't call yourself a superhero movie fan if you haven't watched these two yet. The first one wins, better villains and plot.

I loved both of them, but the first one is just a much better movie