The Incredibles vs. Juno



The battle of the big bellies!

Ouch, a tough decision. Both in my top 10 list. But sorry Mrs Page. The defining difference was Edna, possibly the greatest aniamted character since bugs bunny.

Call it too quirky for its own good. Call The Incredibles Pixar's best. Can't say I agree on either. Though, there are some rare moments where Juno's quirkiness might wear on you a little, it's not as if it drags the film down, because it does not at all. And The Incredibles is, admittedly, a great effort from Pixar. It just doesn't hold up against Pixar's other heavyweights (Wall-E, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc.). Similarly, Juno is not Jason Reitman's best, that being Up in the Air, but, unlike The Incredibles, it is similar in its brilliance. Also, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, J.K. Simmons, Olivia Thirbly and, most importantly, Ellen Page. Juno it is.

Juno's been moving up my list since I saw it again. And The Incredibles has actually been moving down. (Used to be my second-favorite Pixar; it's been displaced by both WALL·E and Up.) But...though I'm coming to love Juno, I still have to go with the animation on this one. I'm a Pixar freak.


I'm with Johnmason on Juno going up and down my list. It can't quite stand still, lol. I'm giving this to The Incredibles.


Juno goes up and down my list as well but The Incredibles always stays lodged at the bottom of my list.

Incredibles here as well. It's just as smart as Juno and less wrongheaded in my book.

Clearly The Incredibles doesn't live up its title. It's really not *that* incredible. There are NO pregnant teenagers, just looooooooooots of lycra :/ But Juno has no lycra AND a pregnmant person. It is clearly superior. It's about the #miracle of life.