City of God vs. The Social Network



This is actually sort of difficult...but the City of God will always be much more exciting.

City of God is more entertaining and fun. Plus it is better and richer in script.

City of God. One of the best gangster films of all time. And also best foreign film of all time.

City of God. Better focused story and just more watchable than The Social Network. Cant compete with arguably one of the best films of the decade.

The Social Network. It very well did deserve to win best leding actor and best picture at the Oscars last year. Its a terrible shame. Davind Fincher directs one of his masterpieces.

City of God is more ambitious, more innovative, and better executed with superior story, direction, editing, sound, camera work... the only aspects The Social Network triumphs in is dialogue and musical score.

Yes, City of God is more ambitious and innovative but The Social Network has it beat in almost every technical department.