Casablanca vs. Citizen Kane



Really a hard choice.

Ah, there is the question...

It's always been easier for me to admire Kane than to like it. Casablanca gets my vote.

AFI's favorite film vs. my Grandfather's favorite film... Kane's the more important film technically.

Citizen Kane is not simply influential. It's a great film. Casablanca, I just don't get. I respect it. Don't like it all that much, though.

Kane is the better film, in terms of craft and storytelling, but I enjoy Casablanca more.

I must be a pretentious douchebag, because I actually enjoy Citizen Kane. And I think Casablanca is very overrated. The whole thing works based on the chemistry of the two stars and a couple of good supporting turns (Lorre, Rains). Kane is a masterpiece from every angle -- except as entertainment, I suppose. Still, I prefer other Orson Welles films (The Trial, Chimes at Midnight, Touch of Evil, Ambersons, F for Fake). I liked Casablanca, but it has no repeat value. I don't plan on ever seeing it again if I can help it.

I watched Casablanca because I felt I 'should' - and I loved it. I can see why Kane is so great from a technical aspect, but it just didn't have the same effect on me...

I'd rather watch Casablanca over Citizen Kane, I can say that much. Orson Welles doesn't appeal to me as a screen presence, and I'm not that interested in Citizen Kane from a technical perspective. Casablanca is more entertaining by far. The dialogue is snappy and the characters are endearing.

I found the character of Kane himself to be the most enduring and memorable of any in either of these films. Apart from that, Kane doesn't feel nearly as dated as Casablanca does - because the script is tighter, the dialogue leaner, the cinematography lightyears ahead of the stage-y look of Casablanca, and Welles is a ferocious on-screen force, far more magnetic and captivating than the well-acted-but-familiar turns Bogart and Bergman provide. I'd watch Kane another ten times before seeing Casablanca again.


Citizen Kane is the definition of film masterpiece. Frame to frame excellence.

I just don't think they hold up. I enjoy Kane more, but its only when I give it the credit of being influential and the credit of being made in 1941 do I like it. There are so many better films that have been made since. Lets move on.


I think they both hold up just fine and they have cherished positions in my top 100.

OMG, two awesome classics against each other... I guess I prefer Casablanca because of Ingrid Bergman... I don't know... Citizen Kane is amazing too... Man, this one is hard...

Two of the best movies ever made. Filmaking wise arguably equal as well as acting, writing, directing, cinematography goes to Kane, but that said Casablanca is more fun and I could sit through that film 100 times over. Kane not so much.

This really hurts. I have to go with Kane because Welles really worked painstakingly to make it a masterpiece. Casablanca kind of accidentally ended up as one. Still, it pains me to choose between them.

This is prehaps the single most geniunily classic showdown on this website. Casablanca, romance that has survived 68 yeras of change, and Citizen Kane, the alleged greatest movie ever made. In my book, Kane is the better film mainly on how inventive it was and how influential it is to me. Casablanca is great, but I enjoyed Citizen Kane more.

Kane for sure. Casablanca was a fun trip, but Kane is an amazing film. I disagree with everyone here saying it's a nice piece of film making, but not entertaining. I found it very entertaining. And Orson Wells delivered a performance for the ages. No one was making films like this in 1941 and no one did for a long time.

Damn, I haven't seen Citizen Kane in some time, but I really enjoyed it as a teen. Maybe that's just because I was a pompous, elitist ass. Was it only fun because it was "pretentious" or is everyone just mad?

Citizen Kane is the more "important" movie, and what it added to film can't be praised enough - but it doesn't have the watchablity of Casablana.

Casablanca by a mile here. Kane just doesn't have the rewatchability as Casablanca. Not close for me...

Citizen Kane, despite its influence, is all style and no substance. Casablanca is quite possibly the best drama ever put on screen, and there's a strong argument to be made that it's the best film of all time. Certainly the more lyrical, heartfelt, and entertaining movie.

An impossible choice- the two gems of 40s Hollywood. Kane is obviously the greater film, but I question if I really like it more than Casablanca. I suppose that will be decided by repeat viewings, but I'll choose Kane just because it seems to be the richer film; Casablanca will always be a familiar comfort, but there's something new to discover each time I watch Kane.

Kane no question


Just because you like Citizen Kane does not make you a pretentious douchebag. I love Citizen Kane and I love Casablanca, but Citizen Kane is better.

Citizen Kane is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Casablanca by a huge margin

Citizen Kane Is My Favorite Movie Of All Time.

Kane is the better made film than Casablanca in every category. Casablanca's formulaic story deals with heartfelt romance and takes the imagination to a far off fantastical place of intrigue and mystery, while Kane is a cold and distant biopic of a simultaneously deep and shallow egocentric man. Objectively, what is actually on the Casablanca screen pales in comparison to what Citizen Kane did with light and shadow. Michael Curtiz (and all the people he had to answer to, making Casablanca feel like it was written and directed by a committee) lacked Orson Welles' singular vision. With all that said, Casablanca is a more welcoming film to revisit, if only in the mind's eye.

Casablanca. It may not be as 'grand' as Citizen Kane, it may not be as brilliantly filmed as Citizen Kane and it may not be as important as Citizen Kane, but damnit; Casablanca is more entertaining and is more fun to watch. Less homework, more popcorn.

Casablanca every day and twice on Sunday. Not even a tough call for me.

Absolutely easy NO CONTEST WHATSOEVER for me. Casablanca crushes Citizen Kane, which I believe is really overrated by now. Casablanca has far better characters, more touching story, better directing and writing and is far more quotable. "Here's looking at you kid!"

What MysticSpoon said...

Casablanca is a great and obviously well crafted film but I never felt it the way most do. Citizen Kane is a masterpiece that never fails to amaze me. Citizen Kane for me and it's not even a competition.

Casablanca. It's my top movie of all time. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it. Kane may be the more important film and thus more highly touted, but from an enjoyability standpoint, I think Kane doesn't hold up for me. There's just a certain magic--a mystique, if you will--about Casablanca that's rare even among the elite movies.

Casablanca all the way! I never had any interest in Citizen Kane but boy...Casablanca was such a beautiful and touching story! "Here's looking at you kid!" beats "Rosebud"

I'm probably the only film fan on the planet who doesn't get Casablanca. It's just a love story. Welles's Kane on the other hand, I also didn't get. But as an aspiring screenwriter, I got to give it to Citizen Kane for its supreme screenplay.

I've only seen Casablanca once and I liked it more than I liked Kane after one watch, but I've seen Kane twice since the first watch and it's grown on me each time so it gets the win here.

I would choose to watch Casablanca over Citzen Kane every time. But I do respect Citizen Kane, I just don't find it as entertaining.

I would say Casablanca, although Kane may be the more influential & technically perfect film out of the 2.

Tough choice but it has to be Casablanca.

Both accomplished so much: "Casablanca" is way more stylish on my opinion,but let's just talk about "Citizen" for a minute: Dude,forget pretentious movie critics, and the "If you don't like this flick you're a dumb person" battalion that we all know and love so much,'cause this is just a average Joe talking here: This freakin' movie is actually a VERY good,(re)watchable n' enjoyable one, not just for it importance regarding technical n' groundbreaking innovations on the way cinema is made, but the whole plot Welles constructed was so freakin' brave,specially regarding Hearst/Kane analogy . The story behind it only made it better. You have to watch this movie with context,it helps SO MUCH to fully understand what this guy did here. 26 f'n years old man. His first movie. Ever. Talk about talent.

This one is tough. They're both on par with each other. I'm going with Casablanca, maybe because of Bogart, but I don't know...

I like Casablanca more but Citizen Kane is the better film though. I choose Casablanca, but only by a tiny margin.

It is tremendously hard to compare these two films because they do different things well. Citizen Kane is a technical masterpiece for its time, and its forward thinking is worthy of significant deference from all those who love film. Casablanca, while it may not be as strong in regards to set design, cinematography, and story telling style, has some of the most unforgettable performances in film history. The struggle that goes on within Rick (played by Humphrey Bogart) makes Kane (played by Orson Welles himself and being a strong role in its own right) look two dimensional. The chemistry, the conflict, the satisfying ending, and the iconic performances on screen, make Casablanca the winner for me.

I'm always fighting which one is better, currently, it's Casablanca

Casablanca, for now.

Well, I finally watched Citizen Kane. I didn't expect to, but I actually really enjoyed it. That being said, I think Casablanca is much better.

CK wins. I didn't love Casablanca the first time I seen it. Upon second viewing, I found it better. I've only seen CK once but it stays with me.

From a technical standpoint, Citizen Kane boasts better cinematography and a nonlinear plot structure, but I like the writing and characters of Casablanca more.


I really enjoyed Casablanca but I'm going with Citizen Kane

I choose Casablanca. Citizen Kane is the better film, but Casablanca is just an old favorite.

You know what, these films are amazing and on par with each other, probably. Citizen Kane brings across better acting from Orson Welles though and the style of storytelling is amazing.

Casablanca is an enjoyable film, but Citizen Kane stands up far better today.

Citizen Kane is a historic motion picture but as others have said Casablanca is more fun

Citizen Kane is a historic motion picture but as others have said Casablanca is more fun.

Citizen Kane is just flat out better in every sense.

Casablanca is the best film ever made

I gotta go with Citizen Kane. I also like Casablanca, but there were a few plot holes that bugged me when I was watching it. Kane is, in my opinion, is near-perfect.

Citizen Kane.

I rewatched Casablanca a few weeks ago and now retract my previous statement(s) - Casablanca is better.

Citizen Kane for sure. Although Casablanca was more enjoyable. Citizen Kane had a much deeper meaning, great influence on cinema, and the ending is freaking awesome.

Personally, I prefer Casablanca any day over Citizen Kane. Although I do agree with the statement that Citizen Kane is probably a deeper, more meaningful movie, it's not a movie that I'm necessarily going to want to watch every other day. Not very entertaining, but it sure has a memorable ending and message. Casablanca has drama, romance, and even a little action (though it's hardly any considering today's standards). I felt that it just was a better all-around movie.

Citizen Kane was ok - outstanding effort, well executed and all. But it still lacks something important - the enjoyment, the fun! Imo, Flickchart isn't about the better movie, but about we like the most. That's why I'd take The Rocky Horror Picture Show over The Godfather; ROCKY HORROR was just so much more fun and my cup of tea. That's why I'd take THE STAND over VERTIGO; that's the difference between HALLOWEEN and 2001 in my top 10. And, while it's still pretty great, that's why I'd take CASABLANCA over CITIZEN KANE. Damn, Casablanca was just so much fun. Bogart was incredible, it had the greatest screenplay I've ever saw. Some great dialogue in there. No question, it's Casablanca here.

I absolutely love Casablanca. It's so perfect in every catagory. All the characters have something interesting about them (even the supporting and smaller ones), a lot of scenes are very emotional, the dialogue and the acting is some of the best in cinema and it's themes are still relevant today. The ending and the La Marseillaise scene is extremely powerful. Casablanca gives me the emotional high I wish every movie had! Citizen Kane is... okay. I'm glad I saw it and it has good things about it but I wasn't on an emotional rollercoaster and I didn't feel much for the characters. Casablanca for me, certainly!

casablanca is beautiful, but my interest in it doesn't go far past the excellent screenplay and some of the performances (I hope this can change with time and more viewings), but I love just about everything about kane

I have nothing but respect for Citizen Kane's contributions to filmmaking, but Casablanca is far more enjoyable to watch.

Both are bigtime overrated but I will take the love story Casablanca

Both films defined the 1940s, and stand as byproducts of quality storytelling. They're for the ages, but I slightly prefer Citizen Kane.

it depends on what u look for in a film- if you want to think deeply and analytically, Citizen Kane is better. if u want to just be entertained, Casablanca gets the nod

Casablanca is a perfect romance and Citizen Kane is a perfect drama

I enjoy Casablanca far more. Citizen Kane is an academic experience for me. Casablanca is an amazing story with well rounded characters. Casablanca by far.

I will pick casablanca cause of the legendary officer at the end, he’s just a chad.

Casablanca was a more fun experience, but Citizen Kane is still awesome.

I Like 1942's Casablanca And 1941's Citizen Kane Is My Favorite Film Of All Time.

I watched both back to back and found Citizen Kane to be far better because it's more enjoyable, more impressive from a technical standpoint, more compelling storytelling, and Welles' screen presence destroys Bogart and Bergman.

Casablanca but I appreciate what Citizen Kane has given to cinematography.