Casablanca vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Bogart's character Rick Blaine's drive to achieve love or humans desire in 2001: Space Odyssey to achieve the entire universe?

This is cruel!

Both are amazing achievements, in the end I find Casablanca more watchable from start to finish I don't have to force myself to watch some parts saying, it gets good, it does.


2001 is so thought provoking and fantastic . I still hate voting against Casablanca.

The characters in Casablanca were actually characters, unlike the dudes in 2001, who had no personality at all. But still, I can't say no to spaceships and self-aware computers

That space baby freaks me out.

I don't recall...

Casablanca for me, I really enjoyed that movie. I fell asleep during 2001: A Space Odyssey because it was so boring.

2001 was so boring. Casablanca wasn't my thing, but was clearly a better movie.

I admire "2001," but I fell in love with "Casablanca."

Wow two of my favorite films. I'd have to give it to casablanca for its emotional value. Plus, it has some very funny lines.

the only reason that 2001 was boring is because ur 2 stupid to comprehend it so shut up ppl

Easy one. 2001

Two very worthy candidates for the title of Best Movie Ever Made. Both are in my Top 5, but I have to give this to 2001.

“Here's looking at you, Casablanca". I'm just not a fan of 2001; 2001 is just a collection of nice imagery, metaphors, nice music, metaphors, tiny bits of story and metaphors. Did I mention metaphors? If that's your thing, 'good on ya', but it's not my thing at all. No wonder people consider it a flawless masterpiece...because there is nothing there, so there is nothing to criticise about. Alright, that was a little harsh, but you know what I mean. I'm just not a fan of art films. I find them boring and sometimes pretentious. 'You don't get it idiot'...ugh. Maybe, maybe not, but even if I DID get it...would I like the movie? Probably not, because I don't care. 'It stands for the evolution of the human race', 'the bone is the first step of humanity to technology', 'the monolith represents wisdom'...ehm, alright, but I don't care. Still a boring movie in my eyes. Can’t help it folks; different people, different movies. Anyway, I just finished watching Casablanca for the first time, and damn. What a great movie. One of the most perfect movies I’ve ever seen. I don’t consider it a ‘favorite’ of mine, but it definitely belongs in the category of perfect films.

Casablanca. And for's not really close.

My opinion of 2001: A Space Odyssey is identical to that of MysticSpoon's. It's just not my kind of film. Casablanca wins.

Love this comparison. It's the greatest romance film ever made versus the greatest science fiction film ever made. Both are in my top 10. But alas, 2001: A Space Odyssey is #8 on my list while Casablanca is #1. No disrespect to 2001, but Casablanca wins.

I stand beside MysticSpoon and Caesar. I hate 2001, its long, its boring, its slow, its horribly paced and just uninteresting. Visuals do not make a movie great, Casablanca proves just that! Its one of the greatest films ever and one of my all time favorites. It rips up 2001, which I can't stand. Casablanca is perhaps the greatest film ever made, I doubt 2001 is

2001 for me.

Both of these are classic films, but "2001" was the better viewing experience for me.

2001 all the way.

Contrary to MysticSpoon, 2001 is my kind of film, but Casablanca is still better IMO.

Contrary to MysticSpoon, 2001 is my kind of film, but Casablanca is still better IMO.

I ranked this matchup back in February. Well, since then, I've watched both movies again. 2001 has climbed up to #2 on my chart while Casablanca remains my #1 movie of all time. This is just an incredible matchup though. These two movies couldn't be any more different, yet they are so profound in their own way and own right that it makes for a heavyweight fight for the ages. Either choice can be valid. 2001 is more enlightening, but there's just something about Casablanca that just grabs you and refuses to let you go 'til the bitter end... and I do mean bitter. Casablanca is the definition of bittersweet. I don't know of any movie that I've been as emotionally invested in as I am when watching Casablanca. Simply put, Casablanca is the epitome of "legendary" in it's purest form.

I watched Casablanca yesterday and 2001 the day before. I have to agree with my esteemed colleagues MysticSpoon, Caesar, and SLionsCricket about 2001, its just not for me. Casablanca on the other hand was great. Easy choice.

2001: Easy.

Both of these are films that surely will be remembered in the future as hallmarks of Western cinema, but to me, Casablanca is the superior film.

Adventure outer space with Odyssey on away, and takes over Casablanca


2001 is the winner. Casablanca is still superb, though.

How is 2001 loosing it's so amazing much more amazing than Casablanca

yes Im way more a fan of 2001 Space Odyssey the fact its a smart and futuristic film and i love that a lot of average movie goer's dont get it its a film for the dreamers and the intelligent but Casablanca sure is the 1940's bets romantic epic! i do like the film its classic like no other but 2001 wins.

Two wonderful films. Both are pretty much flawless. 2001 is just more my kind of movie. Nothing against Casablanca, though.

2001 wins

Casablanca just destroys 2001. Destroys it I tells ya...

The saying I hate the most is "it's just a movie". If a film doesn't leave an impression or doesn't give you a reaction, then the filmmakers failed. These two masterpieces are effective in two different ways! 2001 is the most thought provoking and profound film of all time! It's the only film I've ever seen where everyone has a different view on the true meaning of the story. 2001 ignores everything we know about storytelling, yet, it works because, like the universe, there's no definitive end. There's no set person who has a their own personal journey or story focused on. Life just keeps going. The ending works because we see it from Dave's perspective and he's as confused as the audience. On the other hand, there's Casablanca. Casablanca gives me an emotional high, I wish all films had! The screenplay is simply one of the best ever written and it has some of the best characters ever brought to film. The characters, their struggles and the decisions they make is way I feel so connect to it. 2001 may be deep but Casablanca is the definition of a satisfying film experience!

These are the great films where there can be legitimate claims on both sides to being the GOAT movie. Between these two, I prefer 2001.

I’m actually switching over to 2001. I don’t have to explain because I did that!

Casablanca was boring for me, 2001 is far better...