Pineapple Express vs. Tropic Thunder



Two of my favorite comedies of 2008. 'Pineapple Express' has the slight edge due to Danny McBrides' performance and how I find new jokes upon every rewatch.

Never go full retard.

Pineapple Express is more consistently funny than Tropic Thunder, even though I don't much care for stoner comedy. If I recall, Jack Black's jokes in Tropic Thunder were mostly flat. You gotta love "I'm a lead farmer, mothafucka!" from Robert Downey, though.

Pineapple Express wins for having real characters and a truly hilarious end sequence.

Pineapple Express! Tropic Thunder was funny, but uneven. There were stretches of time in that movie where I didn't laugh where as Pineapple Express pretty much kept a steady flow of comedy going.

Pineapple Express wins due to it actually being funny.

These are both funny, often clever, uneven comedies.

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