2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Interstellar



Battle of the Sci-fi mindfucks. 2001 for now. I'll reserve my actual standing in this matchup until I've seen Interstellar again.

These two are already being compared. While I did love Interstellar, I've gotta go with 2001.

2001 has to be rewatched before I can say anything else

2001, for now. I am seeing Interstellar again tonight, so I'll come back to this discussion later to decide.

Everything makes sense now... I will still choose 2001, but Interstellar went from #47 to #22 after seeing it a second time. The best movie of 2014.

Overly loud organ vs. overly loud, classically orchestrated score... Interstellar was more entertaining to me, and I'd definitely rather watch it again than I would 2001. Just saw it, so still processing.

And I have changed my mind. Interstellar becomes so much better after rewatching it. As of now Interstellar trumps 2001 fairly easily - something that felt highly unlikely after my first viewing of it.

Not even close for me.

2001: A Space Odyssey's legacy crushes the influenced film. Kubrick over Nolan this time around.

Wonderful, no a SquareMaster comment. This is absolutely definitely 2001 easily by far, this is FAR, miles, miles, miles

I love 2001! It's one of the smartest movies I've ever seen. It is utter brilliance. Interstellar just hit me harder emotionally.

Thank God. I was legit worried Interstellar would be winning.

2001, Intersteller was good but it's a bit too uneven to win here.

Heck. Hard choice. Interstellar because 2001 is a bit boring, especially the part with the yellow guy floating through space. Not saying that it isn't great though.

/interstellar, for having memorable characters aside from the computer.


Interstellar is like watching dull colored paint dry. SO badly written. 2001 is a classic. No contest.

Both films make me want to grab a bone and whack their directors over the head with it. I'd like to take Chris Nolan through a wormhole back to the 1960's to meet Kubrick. Then I'd have Kubrick teach Nolan how to make a film without so much damn exposition, and Nolan teach Kubrick how to make a film without so much damn boredom.

Coin flip....enjoyed both, didn't love either....

Interstellar featured Anne Hathaway. I'm going to choose it anyway.

Great matchup! Though one of them should be a clear winner.

It's pure silliness that anyone is even considering Interstellar here.

I love Interstellar but it's simple. Doesn't matter if you like Interstellar more, Interstellar is a great movie, but 2001 is legendary and epic.

I find Interstellar overrated. It's basically 2001 on a grander scale and with more emotion. I keep hearing about how realistic it is and yet it said a that "love is the power of the universe". The music doesn't work, as well. 3 hours of loud thumping that overpowers what's happening on screen. It's not just the score, the sound design is terrible. "2001" doesn't need to be grand or overally epic, it's so simple yet told in a complex way. 2001 sticks with you and challenges you for years, its visual poetry. "Interstellar" is rather predictable and the dialogue sequences just drag! The music is beautiful and inspiring. The Blue Danube scenes never fail to drop my jaw. 2001 can interpreted as a silent film, yet it uses sound to it's full advantage (e.g. Dave's breathing and HAL's cold voice). 2001 is a film like no other and reminds more revelant 49 years later than Interstellar 3 years later. Also, Interstellar has Anne Hathaway which is almost an instant fail in my books...

You'd think a movie with so much exposition as Interstellar, wouldn't be filled with so many plot holes, but that's what we got. That was a disappointment from Christopher Nolan. Kubrick's 2001 still makes us think and debate about it and it wins this match easily.



Kubrick aces this.

2001 is a slept on movie. That's how boring it is :V

It wasn't boring it was just watchable stunning best mind bending space sci-fi flick of all time...

Interstellar is a lot better

Interstellar beats the worst and most boring movie of all time

interstellar is great but 2001 beats it

Interstellar is a great movie, and might honestly go into my top 50 upon rewatching it, but it really isn't fair to compare it to fucking 2001 of all things. 2001 is a work of art and something that will be remembered generations from now. Interstellar, while great, will never, and I mean absolutely never, have that kind of impact. So yeah, gotta go with Kubrick's masterpiece.