2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Lawrence of Arabia



Classic Visuals on both films


My two favorite directors at the top of their game. 2001 gets a slight nod here.

2001 edges out the win cause i like sci-fi films more and the director too!

Only three people have discussed this? A crime

2001 probably. #neverforget #kubrickpredicted9/11

Definitely 2001.

Both are breathtaking. 2001 wins though.

2001 is the best movie ever made

two great feats of cinema ..... but 2001 wins

i found Space odyssey more our of the box and I go for film like that Arabia might be great but 2001 is the film for me.

Lawrence of Arabia by a hair both are great though

Lawrence is #1. 2001 is #3. But honestly, Lawrence of Arabia blows pretty much anything out of the water.

While 2001 probably exceeds it in scope, and while I don't buy the canard that Kubrick lacks humanity, the overwhelming magnetism of the performances in Lawrence give it the edge for me.

Lawrence all the way.

LoA, pretty easily.

2001 is way to slow.

2001 being too slow against Lawrence of Arabia is a hysterical idea.

The characters in 2001 are all boring except for HAL. The first two acts were way too long, and barely develop the story, and every establishing shot in space lasts for about fifteen seconds. The visuals may have been good for it's time, but I remember the first time I tried watching 2001 (before I turned it off out of boredom less than an hour in) when I saw the people in monkey suits I thought: This movie is retarded. Lawrence has far more depth than 2001, which only has two interesting scenes which are thematically good imo, which are when Dave is disabling Hal, and when Dave is in the bedroom. Lawrence raises thematic ideas in all of its scenes and is a master of symbolism much like in The Shining, the far superior Kubrick film. Not to mention anybody could have acted any of the boring roles in 2001 (monkeys, monotone computer, boring ass Dave and his yellow friend) , wheras the acting in Lawrence is some of the best in cinema.

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA FOR SURE.......2001 isn't even Kubrick's best

2001 for me...due to its rewatchability

I liked 2001 just a little more, but both are movies that can be claimed as the best movie ever without getting slapped by me.

2001: A Space Odyssey is pure genius, questioning the place of mankind in the vast, confusing, unknown, infinite universe. But that spot in the universe does not matter until we figure out our spot on this planet. I don't care how big the universe is. Murder, injustice, slavery, inequailty, violence, and so many more issues take place on Earth. And Lawrence of Arabia deals with these (and includes all the things that make Space Odyssey great, including great direction, great visuals, and a thought-provoking plot). So, when all of humanity's problems amongst ourselves are solved, one can tell me that Space Odyssey is a better film. But, until then, Lawrence of Arabia beats it easily.

Somehow, 2001 felt like the longer film.

I'm not worthy to talk about such amazing movies. Lawrence Of Arabia is a very ambitious film that kept me engaged for the entire runtime. But so is 2001. And 2001 represents a painting more than what Lawrence does while staying more thought provoking and having more powerful themes about humanity and evolution. Despite Lawrence having powerful themes about violence and injustice.

both are incredible epics, but i find 2001 more beautiful and more fulfilling

I'll take Space Odyssey. It just resonated with me more than Lawrence of Arabia does.

Two of the greatest films ever made right here. I really don't wanna vote against Lawrence of Arabia but in this case I just have to :(

LOA is one of the greatest cinematic epics and it may have inspired Steven Spielberg , but I think that 2001 is superior. At the end, both films two of the best films of the same decade that brought us Dr. Strangelove, Doctor Zhivago, Once Upon A time In The West ,and The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. I am just trying to say that the 60s were great.

Two masterpieces, two of the best films of all time. To choose? Sorry, Dave. I'm afraid i can't do that.

Both are brilliant movies, and some of the greatest films ever made. Both are among the best in cinematography and scope, iconic characters, timeless visuals, etc. I think I'll go with 2001 simply because of how much it has. It has so many different layers to it to get into, and it just appeals to me more. I usually go for science fiction movies over 4 hour long war epics