2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Aliens



2001 is the better flick.

You bastards! You made me choose between 2001 A Space Odyssey and Aliens!?? Let's see... Aliens?

2001, Aliens is slightly overrated.

Aliens. 2001 wants to be "smarter" than it is....maybe if I watched it stoned it would be better?

If it was Alien I'd have to think (Kubrick was fine, but it's ridiculous people treat him like some kind of god who was "beyond" genres). Add an "s" and I have no choice but to choose the better movie.

2001: A Space Odyssey is, like, too deep for me and stuff.

Oooo... look... it's my favorite sci-fi of all time versus my third favorite sci-fi of all time. 2001 wins.

I'll continue the pattern here.

I go with the Xenomorphs.

I hate the pacing in 2001 A Space Odyssey no matter how amazing the visuals and music are. There is no way that John Williams' amazing score nor the breath taking visuals redeem this movie when its pacing is atrocious. I know well, and knew well when watching, that 2001 is not an action movie with big explosions and so on. What I wanted was an experience that I won't forget but what I got was one of the slowest paced movies that bored me by the end of the first 20 minutes. The characters in 2001 are so bland and un-interesting. When the film takes over half its run time with nothing interesting happening, the film just bores me. ALIENS on the other hand I enjoyed the first time watching but the second time watching, it blew me away! Aliens by far a better movie with impressive characters, quotable dialogue, amazing action sequences and just James Cameron crushes Stanley Kubrrick (this one time) in terms of directing and writing.

2001 didn't have a score and John Williams didn't have anything to do with the project...Anyways, I get the film's pace turning people off. If it doesn't do it for you, I understand, but I found nothing wrong with it personally. I love everything about 2001 and it's my #1 film, so I obviously give it the win here.

I'm going with Aliens.

Considering the kind of film viewer I am, I have a feeling my choice will change someday. Both are fantastic but my choice is Aliens.

Aliens is better in every way.

Aliens is better in every way.

I literally just finished watching Aliens again for the umpteenth time. It's a joy to watch... it really is. But it's just not as good as 2001. Aliens really pays homage to 2001 in many ways. Aliens' music in the beginning and end was borrowed from 2001 as well.

Gosh this again is tough both Sci Fi classics Aliens is not as good as Alien but it is still great but I think I have to take 2001 on this one a film you can really appreciate because of all the messages it has and Aliens is more action and all that it's still a fantastic movie but really what I am trying to say in a long form is 2001 is better

2001 is simply sooo much better

Aliens I can't remember the last time I said lets pop some popcorn and watch 2001 A Space Odyssey.

That's actually a compliment because 2001 is so much more than a popcorn flick.

I slighty choose Aliens

Now I'm siding with 2001.

2001 rules all of the Aliens

Kubrick > Cameron

2001 was great and a masterpiece in the sci-fi genre, but is too slow for me. Aliens however, is just so entertaining and more my cup of tea.

Space Odyssey

Best Sci-Fi Movie of all time vs. The Most Overrated Sci-Fi Movie of all time. 2001 by far