2001: A Space Odyssey vs. The Tree of Life



Great comparison.

They're both intelligent, beautiful masterpieces ... but "The Tree of Life" has heart where "2001" doesn't. I love Kubrick's form, his audacity and his commitment to creating the perfect shot. Malick, though, wins out every time because, to me, his films all speak to the heart. He earnestly seeks and often finds the good in mankind and I think that's a bold and exceedingly difficult thing to do, especially in an age where we're so fascinated by the evil we do to each other.


The Tree of Life was obviously influenced a lot by Kubrick's 2001, but I think Malick's film surpassed its teacher to become something more; emotionally engaging.

Both great but 2001 is in a different league

2001, easily. Oddly enough, I find that film hugely entertaining whereas Malick's was occasionally boring. Both were clearly works of great art, but I just enjoy Kubrick's style much more.


2001 is great, but the tree of life goes beyond the form of filmmaking. its an expererience, and an unforgattable one at that..

The Tree of Life, it took me a few times to watch 2001 without falling alseep, TTOF speak more about existance, humanity and the human spirit

Both amazing films. I don't know where to begin with comparing them. They both take filmmaking to such unique places.


the tree of life is this centuries 2001. in 20+ years, much like 2001, it will have grown significantly in stature and understanding. its ahead of its time, and hasnt recieved the complete praise and acknowledgement that it truly deserves. for me personally, the tree of life touches on something more profound. TTOF wins

Tree of Life.

I found 2001: A Space Odyssey an entertaining film. It easily stands as one of the best films of all time. Sure they're very similar films in terms of style and execution, but Kubrick's masterpiece is something more.

I haven't seen The Tree of Life. I can't believe it's being compared favorably to 2001. I can't possibly fathom it being a better movie. I'll just have to check it out and then revisit this poll.


I'll take Tree of Life on this. 2001 is a good idea not explored in enough depth and left far too sparse to maintain my interest for nearly 3 hours.


2001 isn't as intolerable upon repeat viewings, but TToL is one of the most awe-inspiring films I've ever seen. Everything from the acting to the visuals is great, and the story touches the deepest parts of your heart. 2001's coldness doesn't sit well with me. Malick does it better.

I've seen both films, and this is definitely an interesting comparison as they both have some similarities. To cut to the chase though, I honestly think "2001" is the better experience. The imagery in "The Tree of Life" is phenomenal, but so is "2001", and I think "2001" has a more emotive, ethereal and fascinating atmosphere to it. The structure of "2001" had a certain tightness to it that I think "The Tree of Life" lacks a little somewhat. Kubrick's direction was perfect in my opinion. Moreover, even though "The Tree of Life" is a remarkable film, I was blown away more by "2001" than I was for "The Tree of Life". "2001" wins in my opinion.

No comparison.

2001 blows Tree of Life out of the water. Malick's film is a good effort, but it just can't compete with 2001.

The Tree of Life does have some similarities to 2001 and is a superb film, but I don't think it can match the greatness of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Don't understand all of the praise towards Tree of Life. 2001 is one of my all time favorites so....

Malick has absolutely nothing on Kubrick. 2001 fucking slaughters.

Both are brilliant movies but 2001 is certainly better.

both are good

Love both but The Tree of Life is a superior experience.

two of the most ambitious and beautiful film epics ever made. both are in my top 20 but i prefer 2001

I turned off The Tree of Life the first time I saw it thinking it was too pretentious, but I've begun to appreciate it a lot more on subsequent viewings. While I certainly respect its ambitious scope, I wish Malick connected the dots a little better between all the huge concepts it raises. I guess this is more reflective of my own personal philosophy, but I don't think of individual humans as being nearly as important as the creation of the planet and life itself, even in death. I simply think that The Tree of Life tries to tackle too much. 2001, however, acknowledges the vastness of its main topic-the evolution of mankind-and sticks with it throughout the whole movie. As someone who often struggles with slow movies, 2001 somehow always transfixes me to the screen. It is one of the best embodiments of "show, don't tell" by raising some huge philosophical ideas, yet with very little spoken. Awe-inspiring, harrowing, and perplexing, 2001 is perhaps my favorite movie ever. It's also interesting to note that both movies use quite a bit classical music, perhaps as a sort of universal and timeless representation of mankind. In any case, the music and visual pairings of both movies are incredible and unforgettable, perhaps the best two audio-visual movie experiences ever.

Both suck

much respect for both but 2001 is the clear winner

2001: A Space Odyssey and The Tree of Life are two of the greatest, most important, most intelligent, most brilliant, most beautiful, most ambitious, most interpretable, and most unforgettable experiences of all time in cinema. Both have highly philosophical ideas, existential themes, and complex themes. The Tree of Life is the modern day 2001: A Space Odyssey in terms of scope, ambition, and universal similarities. TToL wins by my criteria but 2001 wins overall because it is simply the greatest science fiction film and in general as well.

The Tree of Life is a fantastic cinematic experience. Phenomenal visuals, brilliant cinematography, amazing symbolism, and very susceptible to multiple interpretations. That being said, I did have issues with it. Nothing huge, but they're enough to cement my decision here. 2001 is stronger thematically, on a cinematography level, more iconic, and it's just a perfect film overall. 2001 wins here