2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Once Upon a Time in the West



The best of 1968. Sergio get's the win for now.

Wow, very tough call here. I have to go with 2001 because it's ranked higher on my chart though.

2001 but not by that much. I love Once upon a time in the west.

Two amazing films that were both from amazing directors and released in 1968. The choice is easy for me though. The West prevails.

Two movies that solidify the 60s as a defining era in film.

Both I found boring on the first watch. 2001 for now.

Once Upon a Time in the West wins, however both are outstanding and genre defining.

Outstanding matchup of the best of their respective genres! Both are stunningly shot with beautiful photography and jaw-dropping cinematography. Two of the top ten scores of all time. This is the battle to end all battles: Stanley Kubrick vs. Sergio Leone; and Bernard Herrmann vs. Ennio Morricone. Such a tough decision, but 2001 had the greater impact on me. There's not a time that goes by where I look into the night sky that I don't think about 2001. Anyway, there's no loser here as 2001 is #3 on my chart, and West is #11 (and will probably move up into my top ten if I re-rank it).

I don't really like westerns, but I can appreciate the great ones like this. However, I love 2001 and do think it is a better film.

Just thought I'd correct myself on 2001's score. It wasn't Bernard Hermann. Still a top 10 in that regard nonetheless.

What an amazing year for cinema. Both are masterpieces but the choice is clear to me. 2001 is the superior movie.

I gotta go West....but super tough call.