2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas



on 8/29/2009

'2001' is the winner with no doubt in my mind at all.

on 12/22/2009

You're an idiot.

on 9/13/2010

both amazing films, gonna have to go with fear and loathing here. 2001 is epic, but a little slow.

on 1/19/2013

Y'know, if a movie makes no damn sense, I can give it a pass if it's "mindfucky" and / or entertaining. 2001 is neither, Fear and Loathing is both. Yes, I guess 2001 is "better", but all I care about is which movie I liked / enjoyed more. "*Gasp* Batman and Robin over a Gus van Sant movie? James Bond over Citizen Kane? Kick-Ass over Apocalypse Now?" Yes, yes and yes. And Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas over 2001: A Space Odyssey.

on 1/19/2013

(Alright, I guess 2001 is a mindfuck too. But it isn't an entertaining one)

on 1/19/2013

(And Fear and Loathing isn't really a mindfuck, more a movie that's just weird. Shit. Just forget everything I said about mindfucks.)

on 3/11/2013

Fear and Loathing isn't a conceptual mindfuck, but its technical presentation turns it into a surreal, David Lynch-like mindfuck on a subconscious level. 2001 is sleep-inducing and that's how it enters my subconsciousness.

on 4/4/2019

2001 is one of the most perfectly realized films ever made. But Fear And Loathing has a more personal appeal to me. It's an exploration of why the counterculture needs to exist, and yet why it will eternally screw itself over. I can relate bro.