2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Full Metal Jacket



2001 wins without any competition. It's the single one Kubrick movie I really enjoyed.

My favourite shot in 2001 is the over the shoulder shot when they're walking down to the monolith on the moon. That's a weird thing to say, but I always think of it. I also like every closeup of HAL. It's kind of a ballsy thing to do, to treat a red light as if it were a face and cut to it constantly. I also like... let's see. I like it when Dave is stuck outside the ship and he asks HAL like 12 times to open the pod bay door. It makes me laugh. I also like it when what's-his-name makes a video conference call to his daughter and it costs like $8 dollars or something and we're supposed to be like AHA! THE FUTURE! But like he's calling from outer space. Actually I have no idea how much it costs. It could be $50, what do I know. I just know that we're supposed to be like IN THE FUTURE MONEY IS WORTHLESS. I also think his daughter might be developmentally challenged. She's not like retarded, but I think she might need a professional helper. Half-Retard, if you will. He asks where her mother is and she starts staring off into space. Not outer space, that comes later.

Obviously 2001. Kubricks masterpiece right here.

2001 is a very eerie movie. It's amazing to see what Kubrick thought the kind of technology we would have in 2001. And especially, the beginning scene is one of the best in history

2001 without any doubt. FMJ is still really solid and way up my top 50, but damn... 2001, looking at how that movie holds up, 50 years later. Brilliant!

2001 is what every Kubrick movie tries to match up to.

It's weird thinking that 2001 is almost 45 years old. A great majority of the special effects in it are far greater than some of the crap being spewed out today. Personally, I enjoyed the entirety of FMJ. Sure the first half is stronger than the second, but that second half is both intense and is full of hidden imagery. Between 2001 and FMJ, I'm going with 2001.

FMJ....I'll be the loner!

I'll join you TheEgant. I didn't like 2001.

Sorry, HAL.

Full Metal Jacket

With Kubrick being my favorite director, I have enjoyed all of his films. Especially these two, which are two of his best without a doubt. Full Metal Jacket has a strong first half and a strong second, resulting in a wildly ambitious and entertaining picture. The first half is basically the build up, and the second half is even better in my opinion because you care about the characters so much. 2001 is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. I know that not everyone loves it, but I for sure do. It's my favorite Kubrick film, and one of the best ever. 2001 wins.

2001 is Kubrick's masterpiece. Enough said.

2001 is still impressive and great more films owe the technical space scenes than any other sci fi film its still great and always will be better than a war film.

Kubrick destroyes Kubrick

Yeah, 2001 wins for me.

I really like both, but believe that they're both a tad overrated. I'll go FMJ this time, but that could easily change.

Full Metal Jacket was great, but I like its first half a lot more than I do like its second. 2001 was incredible; at almost every minute, I thought it was "perfect" and "fantastic". 2001 for the easy win!

2001 is as masterful and artistic as a film can be! It's deeper messages, the style and the lasting effect is only a few reasons why it's so brilliant! FMJ is so incoherent and unfocused to the point where it's hard to enjoy!

So tough to decide between these two! But yeah space beats war in my book.

2001 odyssey.

2001 is the poster child of looking for meaning when there is none

I love both of these films, but yeah 2001 handily takes this. One is a top 5 movie, and the other is a top 30 movie.

2001, and it’s no contest.