2001: A Space Odyssey vs. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



every time i vote against GBU i shed a tear.

The Man With No Name just capped HAL....

2001 just doesn't suit my taste. GBU is the clear winner here.

Epic matchup of the greatest western of all time versus the greatest sci-fi of all time. Recently saw TGBU and it has leapfrogged a lot of my all time favorite movies and moved right up into my top 15 and climbing... but this is where I draw the line. 2001 is my pick here folks. Crazy contest though!

2001 was the more impactful experience for me, but both are insanely great.

My two favourite movies up against each other! As crucial as the decision seems, I'm going to choose 2001.

2001 is good, but I don't have some profound experience when I watch it. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is movie magic.

2001 was Ok to watch the single state to expire The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was great shot at those

2001 is the better film in this match-up, although TGTBATU is stunning and one of the greatest westerns ever made. Love both of these movies though.

Switching to TGTBATU.

Traitor. Just kidding. I can understand why one would pick GBU over 2001 as I consider them very close. I just prefer the mystifying 2001, but both are in my top 10 and GBU could possibly make my top 5 if I watch it again, but alas, 2001 is top 3 for me.

I understand why people would pick GBU over 2001 as they are picking their favorite but the better film IS 2001.

close ......................2001 gets the edge as it set the standard for sci/fi movies

Today it's The Good,the Bad and the Ugly but tomorrow it could be 2001:A Space Odessey

"I understand why people would pick GBU over 2001 as they are picking their favorite but the better film IS 2001." As it is with everything else that involves taste, that's arguable. Because if you're asking me, and I know a thing or two about movies, Leone's movie is the more enjoyable of the two AND it's the better movie. That's not a knock on 2001 (Kubrick fo' life), but don't go putting the Trio in the corner.

2001 space odyssey.

Matchups like this are teaching me things about myself that I didn't realize I needed to know. It's like a really late, movie-centric 2nd puberty... as excellent as both of these movies are, I'm gonna have to say 2001.

GBU is far better...I really tried to enjoy 2001 though.

I'll take a masterpiece that's one of the most entertaining things in the world, over a thought-provoking masterpiece that's pretty boring.

The 4th and 5th best film of all time! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is great on every level and a landmark in filmmaking. 2001: A Space Odyssey is the most unique film of all time! The themes in 2001 are more relevant today than in 1968! TGTBATU is brilliant but 2001 put more of a effect on me.


Tough. Both are best in genre. Three hours epics.. Hmm, GBU is lot more entertaining.. 2001 is movie without single mistake.

Among my favorites. I haven't watched either one in a long time. I'll go with 2001 for now.


2001 easily wins this but I am partial to Science Fiction and Stanley Kubrick.

Massive greatest classics, 2001 takes this one...

As 2001 still came the best sci-fi film of all century but mainly it's much outstanding in terms of the content, making and technical brilliance, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is undoubtedly way ahead of its time or even our time, and also as much GBU is really still the best western classic in the century along both are still the best films ever made.

2001 by far.

There aren't many films that can beat The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but 2001 is definetely one of them.

In my opinion the good the bad and the ugly is a far better film. 2001 is one of the worst movies in live action

Two of the greatest movies of the 1960s. 2001 a space odyssey is the better/best film of the 1960s. Even if tgtbatu is the best Western film ever.