2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind



While I absolutely LOVE both films, I'm gonna have to go with Close Encounters. 2001 is sometimes a bit dull, and there's no driving force behind it. Close Encounters, however...

Close Encounters all the way. 2001 is a great film, but it strays towards then end. Close Encounters is story telling at it's finest...

Steven Spielberg worships Stanley Kubrick, so he may not be aware of this: he's a better filmmaker than Kubrick. Close Encounters of the Third Kind wins easily.

I think they're both boring, but 2001 is worse. I think everyone must have been on mushrooms in the 60's for 2001 to accrue such acclaim and popularity.

2001 for me. Though it's been a while since I've watched Close Encounters.

2001 leaves much more of an impact on me than Close Encounters did, even though the latter is still a very good film. 2001 wins.


Oh my goodness... this is really hard. I'll say close encounters but not my much

I liked the first part of Close Encounters but after that it quickly runs out of steam. 2001 is better and also prettier to look at.

If I want to behold the awe and wonder of the universe I can get it from Close Encounters, which is far less tedious than 2001.

Funny thing is; I found Close Encounters to be dull and ponderous yet I thought 2001 was one of the most complex and imaginative experiences of my life! So awe inspiring!

It's so funny how wildly different opinions on movies can be. I'm obsessed with sci-fi, yet hadn't seen either of these classics. So I took some time during this quarentine to watch them. I thought Close Encounters was so boring I fell asleep near the last 15 minutes and I still can't be bothered to finish it because I wasn't motivated to care about any of the characters or story. That is SO unlike me for any book, movie, or tv show, let alone a sci-fi classic! I was worried it was a bias against older films, but I watched 2001 after and I couldn't tear my eyes away! It's interesting that so many people feel the opposite.


2001 is the masterpiece here.