2001: A Space Odyssey vs. The Terminator



dont know what to press!!!!! BOTH AMAZING.. after 5 mins- 2001 won


lol. One is a silly, laughable action pic and the other is a breathtaking, thoughtful allegory about man's place in the universe. Puh-lease.

2001 is on a completely different level.

I found 2001 interesting in an academic sense but I find The Terminator to be just fun. Terminator wins for me.

Terminator. Fun over thought provoking....

The Terminator is so... soso. Not sure why I can't muster up any enthusiasm or antipathy for it. If my chart was totally accurate, The Terminator would be dead in the middle. Exactly in the middle. It probably is. 2001 is damn good fuck y'all.

I freaking love my 2001 blu-ray....'cause it cured my insomnia.

^Ha Ha. The Terminator gets my vote without hesitation.

I think Terminator wins this one for now. Both awesome sci-fi films.

Isn't it amazing that 2001 came out nearly 2 decades before Terminator but still looks more modern? I love Terminator, but let's be honest: It hasn't aged well. I still love it, but it can't compare to 2001.

The Terminator is awesome with its action and all. 2001 may be tedious at times but it is a better movie.

Never really liked Terminator 1 that much, 2001 wins by a massive landslide.