2001: A Space Odyssey vs. The Shawshank Redemption



This really hasn't been commented on yet? It's an easy choice for me.

Easy pick for me as well. But considering the movie rankings on many sites this should be a heavy debate. It's like no.1 vs. no.1.

2001 was great, but Robbins and Freeman knock it outta tha park

2001 wins. Gotta admit, Shawshank is a worthy opponent though.

Shawshank...borderline undefeatable. Sorry 2001.

While to me, 2001 is Kubrick's masterpiece, the characters in Shawshank are much more defined that in A Space Odyssey. Tough choice, though.

Shawshank and it ain't even close.

2001 is awesome but Shawshank is one of those rare films that kept me entranced the entire time.

Shawshank cannot beat 2001. Straight forward decision.

I'll go 2001... but these are two of the best.

I like Shawshank, but I'm appalled by its status. No comparison. At all. In any way.

Im been thinking of this matchup for two days litterally. It's Shawshank. Both without a doubt two brillant masterpieces

The Shawshank Redemption.

2001 is deep but rather slow and confusing. I didn't really like it.

2001 is a bit more my speed.

2001 on the lead. Haaaaaa.

2001 for me too.

Gotta be 2001 for me. Though, Shawshank definitely needs a rewatch.

Shawshank is great, that's pretty much universally acknowledged, and as a lover of characters over story, normally this would trump a movie that is very character thin. 2001 is that exception, THE exception. It's the only movie that literally every time I watch it, I get something completely new out of it. I'm always chasing the feeling of seeing a truly great movie for the first time. After dozens of viewings, 2001 still gives me that.

2001 may be a great film, and I understand why. It does exactly what a great sci-fi should do and that's to make you think about it's sci-fi themes. 2001 is a great film indeed, it speaks about the nature of intelligence and life itself as well as the progress and evolution of man. Aside from the small nitpick with the shitty monkey costumes, 2001 has one huge problem for me which Shawshank, and that's that it's boring. Shawshank has a rich deep plot and symbolism as well as acting and a great story. In 2001 though it's spent over 2 and a half hours and most of it's establishing shots in space. I just about fell asleep three times the first time I tried watching it and I was bored to death and frustrated at the film for moving so damn slow. I was severly pissed off by the tediousness of the scene of Poole floating for what felt like ten whole minutes. Now by modern standards that's unfair to 2001, but still. Nowadays 2001 blows my mind, especially at the end with the room, but I could only watch if I'm in a real mood to, or if I'm high or something.


2001 all the way.

Shawshank is wonderful.

Both are brilliant but I'm still siding with 2001.


2001 is the unsentimental favorite here.

Oh c'mon..The Shawshank Redemption is way better than 2001 : A Space Odyssey. 2001 should be called 2001 : A Cure For Insomnia. What a boring movie.

I have to agree with the poster above. 2001 is a chillingly bad movie, a tedious exercise in cinematic pretension made for those high-level frauds at NASA. NWO propaganda masquerading as high art, and pseudo-intellectual morons still lap it up.