2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Jaws



These are really hard to choose sometimes...

2001 is a more complex experience.

Not really the worlds biggest Jaws fan. I'll go with 2001

"Yay humanity" movies. 2001 was like a decade ago and I still haven't been to space. But that's okay, because I don't want to die an early death from space radiation and shit.

Both massive blockbusters of their time but the visuals in 2001 have held up so well, while Jaws' impact has undoubtedly diminished. I blame wannabe stinkers like Deep Blue Sea and Lake Placid for that. But such a loss of individuality shouldn't occur if a film is truly great, which makes me wonder if Jaws actually deserves the status it enjoys.

Jaws had better characters that we actually got to know through their interactions and personalities, 2001's characters were pretty much just there to be place holders. 2001 had a better antagonist in Hal9000, who was fascinating and complex, whereas the shark was a blunt force of nature. Both had great scores and both had long moments before we got to the climax. Overall, I think Jaws is better due to those long moments being used to get to know the characters better, even though 2001 is more technically brilliant.

In water, no one can hear you scream (or: don't go into space).

Jaws has better characters. The final act has some of the most well-directed scenes I have ever seen. But 2001 on the other hand, Is perfectly directed from start to finish, it has my favorite sci-fi villain of all time, Hal-9000, but I think the movie's strongest part is making you a part of the story, making you feel like you are in space. Both of these movies have magnificent third acts. It just comes down to personal preference. I prefer 2001. But they are both masterpieces though.

2001 kicks jaws' butt.

I've said what I've said about 2001 and how it is an impressive movie feat but devoid of any emotional engagement before. Jaws manages to do both, and it's one of my favourites. Jaws wins.

True, both can be viewed as impressive filmmaking achievements, but Jaws is the only one I actually WANT to see again. Easy choice...

Okay, Jaws is great and all, but let's not get carried away here folks. Sheesh...

Yikes!!! Wow... Love Jaws, but we're talking 2001: A Space Odyssey here.

Both great movies. A film buff, like myself can watch 2001 over and over again. But Jaws is an every man's movie that is still entertaining to this day. Going with Jaws on entertainment and rewatchability.

Jaws is the pretty easy choice for me.

Jaws is still great it's not as good as the first time you watch it with 2001 there's more stuff you can pick up on along as you watch the film 2001 it is

2001 is an all time classic whereas jaws hasnt aged well

nothing interested me in jaws apart from the john williams score

2001 owns Jaws

A shark does not beat space adventure

I agree that Jaws has better characters, but that 2001 is more complex. I also think that Jaws wins simply because it's more re-watchable than 2001. But both has definitely left their marks on cinema, and rightfully so.

While Jaws is much more fun to watch than 2001, I feel a lot more satisfied coming out of 2001. I'm not taking anything away from Jaws (which is fantastic), but 2001 is a Top 10 for me!

I don't know which one is better (probably 2001), but Jaws does more for me.

Jaws for sure. Not even close.

Jaws by 2001 miles


Jaws remains the better term of classic.