2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Apocalypse Now



Yikes... I don't know how I can compare these and pick one, I guess if I could only save one movie as they both descended slowly into a vat of acid, I'd save 2001, and feel really bad about not being able to save Apocalypse Now.

how to choose between two great examples of using great classical music as the soundtrack?


It seems like a tough call, but it's deceptive. 2001 all the way.

2001 by a hair

I gotta go with 2001 it was more entertaining and awe inspiring

Apocalypse Now by far.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Two excellent films that both make my top 10. If you know me, though, you'll know what my choice is.

Okay folks, when you must choose between two all-time greats that are vastly different, here's the defining litmus test: If you individually erased each of these films from American cinema history, which one would leave the biggest void? The obvious answer is 2001. It brought legitimacy to an otherwise overlooked genre to say the least. It revolutionized sci-fi and then became a trailblazer to a plethora of sci-fi films to come. Even the greatest sci-fi films that came after 2001 all borrowed (at least to some degree) from 2001. The entire Star Wars trilogy and the Alien trilogy are just a few examples. These are epic movies in their own right, but wouldn't have been nearly as good had they not been influenced by 2001. To further the point, some of them may not have even existed period. So all you Star Wars fans out there must realize that your favorite movie is really a film that pays homage to 2001. Apocalypse Now is great. In my opinion, it's the best Vietnam War movie ever made. It certainly made a valuable contribution to the movie industry, but it didn't impact the movie industry the way 2001 impacted it. For that reason, 2001 wins in my book.

shit.....2001 for now

The horror...the horror...that's what I said after watching 2001. Apocalypse Now wins with ease and I don't even love it like everyone else does.

Both are in my top 10, so it's very close, but Kubrick's best film beats Coppola's third best.

HOLY HELL. come on man. this isn't fair.

2001 by a landslide...

Apocalypse Now. This has always been very difficult for me.

2001 BY FAR

Repeat viewings have been kind to both of these. I now love both, but Apocalypse Now is still my pick.

Coppola takes this one.


AN with ease

Both in my top 10, but 2001 has no rivals

Coppolla's classic over Kubrick's classic

2001...i am gonna regret this choice :(

Apocalypse Now, once more

2001 by a pretty wide margin.

It's a tie right now which I think is fitting. I'm glad neither of these have an advantage over the other, and that I'm the tie breaker. Both are in my opinion, among the very greatest, legendary movies ever made, so I'm going to have to pick 2001. I feel bad for picking against either one of these, but since I don't want anyone else breaking the tie I'm picking.

2001 blows the Apocalypse...

Nononsense said it all. 2001 is better as a film and it also had a bigger influence!


2001 Odyssey is much better in my experience.

2001 is probably the better film and it has amazing visuals, but Apocalypse Now has better acting and stronger messages.