Fast & Furious 6 vs. Fast Five



Fast & Furious 6 is a magically retarded experience. Stupidity is only occasionally this funny and very rarely this exhilarating. Fast Five is pretty damn good, but it went criminal when Vin Diesel beat The Rock clean in that inexcusable one-on-one. I feared a similar offence for Gina Carano, but I'm happy to say they found a nice compromise for Conviction. Even disregarding that bullshit... 6 beats 5 to death... with a flying headbutt. It's neither as good nor as dumb as 2 Fast 2 Furious, but it laps the other middle installments in the franchise and even vies with the original for a respectable silver medal. Damn good film.

Oh, yeah, Taslim vs Carano would've been a nice touch though. Ah, the road not taken.

I didn't think that Furious 6 was going to be as over-the-top as Fast Five...until I arrived at the last 45 minutes of it where there is a particular scene on a bridge with an insanely crazy jumping-from-a-car-to-catch-somebody scene that is both insanely unrealistic but insanely hilarious because it's so insanely unrealistic. From that scene on the film easily topped Fast Five in over-the-topness. In fact, I could easily say that Furious 6 was "over-over-the-top". It was great having Michelle Rodriguez back and Gina Carano was also great as Hobbs' new partner and provided a bunch of great eye candy and was also a decent actress. The pre-credit scene was also as equally insane as the movie and this scene REALLY set the mood going into Furious 7, or whatever it is going to be called. The villain in "Insanely Furious 7" is going to be insanely great. INSANE! So yes, my general consensus is that Furious 6 is better than Fast Five. The pacing in 6 is a lot smoother and the slower scenes don't seem to drag on as long as they were in Fast Five. Plus, more (INSANE!) car chases were present in 6 and the over-over-the-topness was just great for being so insanely hilarious. I'm not bagging on Five or anything, but, as what was stated above, 6 beats 5 to death with a flying (INSANE!) headbutt. Plus, Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez fighting will tickle almost everyone's fancy, if you know what I mean.

Fast 6

Both ridiculous, stupid, and absolutely enjoyable rides. I'll go with Fast Five...but it's early in the judging process...

Yeah, I also have to give a SLIGHT edge to Fast Five (for now). Fast & Furious 6 is completely satisfying, but it does recycle Fast Five's successful "We're gonna need a team" formula. Plus, Brian O'Conner and Dominic Toretto towing a bank vault through the streets of Rio de Janeiro has to be the "magically retarded" apex of the entire film series.

Fast Five for me, for a number of reasons. First, Gibson was actually funny in it unlike Six, where most of his dialogue seemed forced. Second, Riley's betrayal was predictable, pointless and did absolutely nothing for the script. Three, it didn't have the tragedy that Six did. Four, well, I just didn't buy how easily Letty was wooed back by Toretto after their race considering how she forgot everything before the car crash of 2009's Fast & Furious. And finally, five, Rock versus the team > Rock with the team. Easily.

I am no fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, which abandoned any sensibility continuity between the titles, so I get them all confused, and I haven't seen all of them. Fast Five is the only one I've seen which I really, really like. Fast 6 recycles the same kind of plot, and is not nearly good at the execution, and far too much of the film's action scenes take place at night, which, when paired with the editing and lighting, I can't make heads or taillights of what is going on...

I'll have to give the slight edge to Fast Five. It's a wee bit more realistic (funny when talking about the Fast & Furious franchise), and it gave the character's more room to grow. Still enjoyed these two the most of the series. Pure dumb fun, at its finest. As much as I like the whole Letty thing, the action was just a little too indulgent in Fast Six for it to win.

Autally 6 was often of that total of mount of race tracks 5 it was king of sure

Not saying that 5 was not over the top ridiculous with bad dialogue movie but it was less of that than 6. Plus 5 was more fun than 6. But 6 had that really great action finale in the longest runway ever.

6 is better

Breaking this tie by giving the edge to 6. Both are great popcorn fun (I felt the series didn't truly hit its stride until 4) but 6 gets the edge for keeping the action more frequent throughout.

Tough Call. 5,6 and 7 are all very similar to me when It comes to ranking them. I like them all a lot and they are all a lot better than 4. I'm going with 5 for me more realistic. The car driving through the front of the plane really bothers me.

Realism as a criterion for separating between Fast and Furious movies? Damn.

Neither are special, but I enjoyed Fast Five's final act quite a bit.