Logan vs. Spider-Man



My appreciation of the original Raimi Spider-Man has gone up in recent years, and while I admire Logan a lot for its committed tone and place within the superhero genre, it's not a film that I'm going to revisit any time soon, not least because of my lack of interest in Wolverine or the X-Men franchise in general. It's a good film, but the original Spider-Man trilogy has more replay value. Spidey wins.

Gotta go Logan on this one....

2-1 X-Men

Logan may be the edgy pick but Spider-Man is overall the better movie. More complete.

Riami's Spider-Man never been worked for me, but besides Logan was better film in my opinion.

Spider-Man delivers better everything. Even Uncle Ben's death matches that of Logan's bow out of Xavier.


Spider-Man over Logan!

Close call, I’m gonna let the chart decide...

Take a bow Sam Raimi. Your Spider-Man will always be THE Spider-Man thanks to Marvel's new SJW push.


Spidey over Wolverine any day

Spider-Man easiest convenient.

Very close call for me. Logan is easily the best superhero film of the last 10 years and one of the best of all time. Spider-Man is a more flawed film but its also one I have a lot of sentimental attachment to. I'll go with Logan for now.

Spider-Man takes it because overall greatness beats doom and gloom even if doom and gloom is masterfully done.

Both movies changed Comic Book Movies. I loved Spider-Man 1 And Logan but Logan is top 3 after The Dark Knight and Avengers

How is Spider-Man 1 is winning, so overrated. Logan beats the entire Raimi trilogy

SM2 might be better but Logan stomps SM1

logan beats the first spider-man