Logan vs. The Dark Knight



Holly fuck this is tough. Logan for now but man this is a freeking close call.

Logan is clearly the attempt by Fox to create its own version of TDK, close, but no cigar.

"Close". Yeah, sure, that sounds so believable coming from you.


If only TDK didn't have that boat scene...

Ugh, the boat scene. Just... ugh. I don't see how these movies are even remotely alike, but that motherfucker's a motherfucker so I guess I should just ignore his bullshit. TDK has that whole (semi)grounded parable shit going on, while Logan is definitely all existential angst and hiraeth. Logan might be the one with more emotional reverb, but TDK most definitely entertains more. I love you, Hugh Loganman, but it's lights out.

My two favourite comic book films. The action in Logan was directed and edited to perfection. Logan seemed very character and emotional driven, everyone was beaten to the ground which it makes the story more compelling. The Dark Knight is a great crime drama. The script that plays with you psychologically and, watching it, you really have no idea where it's going to go. Heath Ledger gives one of the performances of all time. Hugh Jackman is the ONLY Wolverine! If I had to pick a winner I will choose "Logan".

This is not tough. They're both great movies sure, but saying it's tough is like saying Lion King and Mulan is a tough choice. The Dark Knight is the clear winner. (And so is Lion King)

Logan is the master.

When I think of "The Dark Knight", I think of a crime drama of good vs bad and a film with so much psychological layers that you can spend weeks analysing it. When I think of "Logan", I think of a story about family and looking back on your life when it's almost over. I prefer Logan because it is more of a character movie!

Logan absolutely laps and outclasses TDK.

Logan was so fucking great. I can't even.

Ah Logan. Is it good? Absolutely. But there is way too much over reaction for this one......positively. yes it's gritty. But there is no way it's better than TDK. No way! Name me one performance outside of Hugh Jackman's that was as good as Christian Bale's, Heath Ledger's, Gary Oldman's, and Aaron Eckhart. You can't! Then there is the third act in Logan. Talk about anticlimactic! Seriously, give it a year and guarantee you will change your mind about Logan when comparing to TDK.

Logan is epic and profound and simply haunting. TDK was all Heath Ledger greatness.

So close, fate picks....

TDK is such a perfect, flawless film, every single actor gives a career best performance.

Logan moved me to tears. Something no Batman film has ever done.

The Dark Knight remains the gold standard when it comes to comic adaptations, an almost tone-perfect noir thriller with superhero elements. Logan is an interesting take, a fine statement, a good performance by Hugh Jackman but flawed by comparison.

I can't get over what a masterpiece Logan turned out to be. Now that's REAL buzz.

The Dark Knight is for me better than Logan in every way and enjoy it a lot, so I go for The Dark Knight.

Logan is just so deep and so moving. Can anyone say that about any Batman movie and really mean it?

I love Logan, but The Dark Knight is a masterpiece

Logan made my eyes water like I was chopping a bag of onions. Very deep and very haunting. Better than most.

The Dark Knight, no contest. Logan was really hard for me to watch: lots of screaming with horrific violence and ultimately just so bleak and cynical. However, Dark Knight is not just a superb superhero film, but a superb film. While parts of the plot may not make much sense, it has such deep themes driven by great performances from just about everyone. It's too bad that no superhero film since has been able to compare since the genre has the potential to be more than just mindless popcorn flicks.

Complaints about Logan I don't get 1. Complaining about horrific violence in an R Rated film, gotcha. 2. Also if you're complaining about the screaming this was probably your first Wolverine film. 3. "How is the girl gonna grow up she has adamantium skeletons?" In the comics, she only has them in her claws but no one reads comics so I guess that's invalid. Honestly, who gives a damn? They don't have to spoonfeed the viewers with unnecessary exposition you know, it's not something that will just come up in a conversation between the characters. 4. Too Dark (It's the final chapter of a tragic, tortured character, it's not the final chapter of Winnie the Pooh) 5. X-24, I liked X-24, there was nothing really wrong about him, he was intimidating and gave us the Wolverine we've always wanted, except he's such a monster that the viewers want him to die. Awesome introduction as well. The Dark Knight is the winner here but Logan is truly a masterpiece, I personally liked Logan more than The Dark Knight but The Dark Knight is ultimately the better film.


The Dark Knight is my favorite super hero film of all time.


The Dark Knight is my favorite superhero movie of all time.

Logan just destroys TDK. And it's not even the best movie featuring the character of Wolverine.

Logan felt me kind of bit of lack despondent, Dark Knight is unbeatable here...

Logan felt me kind of bit of lack despondent, Dark Knight is unbeatable here...

Logan is the better movie. Nuff Said.

Logan wins.

The greatest Marvel movie going against the greatest DC movie. TDK was masterfully done and played, but Logan was really awesome. It just appealed to me a little bit more, especially because I like Wolverine and Marvel better than I like Batman and DC.

Logan was so well done. True impact. Every year that goes by TDK loses something. Fading out.

The Dark Knight is still the best comic book movie ever made.

Must go with Logan.

Above the fact Logan has bette acting and greatest story one of the best x-men marvel films of the saga and far the superior film also it beats the most unpleasant overrated TDK on every way, Marvel > DC anytime.

Logan was my favorite movie of 2017, and one of my top favorites, but it doesn't stand much a chance to The Dark Knight.

Logan has better story and plot.

I’ve switched to the dark knight.


Logan by far.

Logan still gives me the feels. So good. So sad. TDK is a forgotten film to be honest.

The Dark Knight

TDK by far.

Logan is so much better and far more moving.

The Dark Knight showcases elements that put it a country mile ahead of logan's.

how is the dark knight forgotten lol

Logan still resonates and I maintain it's still not even the best movie featuring the character of Wolverine. Not even close.

Did this idiot say that The Wolverins is better than TDK? What a dumbass. TDK stomps Logan is overrated

The Dark Knight is ahead by miles. Logan is good. But Dark Knight is inevitable.

Yeah, I can see the argument both are overrated. Still, against each other Logan is the better film.

i can see an argument for Logan being =/> TDK but The Wolverine?????

Best DC Film vs. Best Marvel Film. TDK wins but only just because it's my favorite CBM ever, Logan is 3rd place while Joker is 2nd.

dark knight over logan. both are great

Logan is okay. It’s overly dark and depressing and can be boringly predictable with a character dynamic with a guy and a little girl working together. The only truly memorable part about Logan would be the ending. The Dark Knight isn’t perfect. There are some dangling scenes like when Batman jumps off the building when the Joker is still up there. I don’t like Logan because they ripped off the plot of the Dark Knight Rises where the protagonist has to become a hero again. However, the buildup and payoff are too short in my opinion where the Dark Knight Rises extended it and made it more emotional through the entire journey where I felt more emotion for Charles Xavier rather than the protagonist himself. The little girl screaming is more annoying than the Wonder Woman soundtrack in ZSJL. The dialogue between Logan and the girl can be poor at times but is fine. X-23 is a horrible villain where he only serves as brute force rather than as anything emotional towards Logan’s journey. He wasn’t nearly as good as Bane in TDKR which I assumed they tried to copy. I know people like to argue against that and say that X-23 is his dark side but he is far more dumb to be his dark side to the point where I can’t recall if he ever made an intelligible noise. Hugh Jackman turns in a great performance and the movie has an emotional ending but other than that it’s pretty dull. It’s like the nostalgia people have for movies like the Raimi Spider-Man films and Interstellar. Both give you feelings but lack poor writing at times (especially with Interstellar’s occasional lack of subtext).

Logan could possibly be the best marvel movie made. but nolan destroys any marvel movie

I remaining TDK is superior

TDK is superior indeed even if logan is the greatest x-men movie

Well I'll be damned, I actually find myself preferring Logan here...

TDK. A lot more realistic.

Logan is Marvel's masterpiece. The Dark Knight is one of the greatest movies to ever grace our screens. As much as I adore Logan, it doesn't hold up by comparison

The Dark Knight - 10 Logan - 8 Love both, but The Dark Knight.