Logan vs. No Country for Old Men



no country for old men for sure.

Two great post-Westerns. I guess No Country since it was more complex!

Logan is so much better that it's not even funny. NCFOM sucked.

Logan is vastly superior. It has an actual ending and when characters die, they die ON SCREEN.

oh no were too dumb for understanding no country for old men lets bash it ooh that movie sucked marvel reigns supreme i cant wait for the smurfs 3 its not complex so its good

Logan crushes. No Country is for the moron generation.

Logan is wonderful but No Country is still a better film all around. Moron generation.....ouch

Logan is amazing cinema.

logan is great, probably my favorite superhero movie, but no country for old men is a straight up masterpiece

No Country easily takes this effort...

NCFOM stomps the non-cinema film.

No Country is a complete dogshit waste of time and film. Needs to be said from time to time.

@Fontinella What to expect when someone's favorite movies are Avengers, Breafast Club and Star Wars, lmao.

Javier Bardem > Hugh Jackman.

Logan is an awesome movie, but yeah No Country absolutely stomps here. Better story, better characters, better acting, better cinematography, better direction, better everything. Even the controvertial ending is something I think is just as good if not even better than Logan's ending