Logan vs. Logan's Run



Hah! Fun matchup, but Logan takes it.

Logan's Run really, really, really disappointed me. So dull and slow. Logan (the one with the claws) wins.

Logan....the good one....

Run Logan Run.


Logan's Run is too cheesy to take seriously now. It's fun, but eh, I'd take Soylent Green over it.

Clean sweep for the X-Man.

I'm gonna play devil's advocate here and choose Logan's Run. It just felt more exciting and original to me. Logan was very good, but it did feel borrowed from a lot of other movies.

Mutant Logan over cheeseball running.

Without Logan's Run, there would be no Hunger Games, or Maze Runner. It was a film that was way before it's time. Logan on the other hand gets way too much credit simply because it is an edgier offering than its previous Xmen flicks. Xmen is so poo-pood that by nature Logan seems better than it really is. Logan is a good film, but it is in no way shape or form as important to the overall scope of films historically as Logan's Run.