Logan vs. Blade Runner 2049



Oh, this one's tough. Two distopian, generation-ahead franchise installments that aren't strictly sequels. I'm going to give it to Blade Runner 2049 for its amazing visuals and for significantly enhancing the universe it inhabits.

Two of the year's best - but Blade Runner 2049 is showstopping.

Logan for more action, better pacing. and an overall more satisfying story. Neo-Western > Neo-Noir

they have both shitty villains but logan has better story-telling and characterization

I enjoy Blade Runner 2049 for me more than Logan here.

This one is generally tough since both are in my 3 favourite movies of 2017. Blade Runner has a more complex story, a better setting and the filmmaking is fantastic. But I have to give it to Logan. It’s a great character study about growing old and family yet still stands on its own as a great action movie!


Blade Runner 2049 is the stunning winner here.

no competition here, blade runner 2049 all the way

I've very divided: Logan wins for its characters, but remembering the sights and/or sounds of 2049 feels better. I hate voting against craftsmanship, but I say Logan wins.

Blade Runner 2049 FTW!!! Wasn't much of a fan of Logan

Blade Runner 2049 is the best sequel of 2017, and this is coming from a gigantic X-Men fan! Logan was also a masterpiece though, but it’s still not as good as Blade Runner 2049.

Logan isn't all that but did anyone actually watch Blade Runner 20WHOCARES?

2049 is more impressive in terms of filmmaking but Logan is more emotional and satisfying.

Get Out is better than both

Tough call, but I'm thinking Logan

Denis Villeneuve is better than James Mangold

Logan wins a close one...

Fun fact: Both movies were written by Michael Green

Blade Runner 2049 is more Oscar worthy than Logan

I changed my mind, both are great and Oscar worthy.