Taken vs. Man on Fire



A couple of kidnapping/brutal revenge flicks. If not for the insanely irritating editing and visual style, maybe Man on Fire might've been tolerable. But, just that scene where Denzel chops off the guy's fingers is so loaded with visual obnoxiousness by itself that it nearly caused my brain to short circuit. If there was supposed to be some sort of dramatic impact I couldn't tell because my attention span was being raped. Taken at least gets right to the point without a bunch of bullshit interrupting the action. It lacks any real emotion or depth, but all the asses are kicked clearly and efficiently.

Man on Fire is soooo much better than Taken!!

So Man of Fire and Taken are both about abduction of someone important. Both feature someone with special skills who are looking for the person. You also have the main character isn't perfect he misses shots and gets shot himself. The only choices are pacing, plot and visuals, acting. Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington are both great actors so thats hard to choose between but pacing however Man on Fire never slowed down that much but that hurt its story some as some details were left out where as Taken spent a little too much time with the details and that hurt its pacing. Only thing left is visuals and visually Man on Fire was the better movie. Tipping it above Taken.

Two very similar films. I have to go with Man On Fire though, just fantastic from start to finish.

Man on Fire just smacks around Taken. Not even close...

Taken is overrated, an average action flick at best. Man on Fire wins this, even though I didn't love it.


Truth is (well, MY VERSION of the truth at least) this: they both suck, they both get overpraised like they're the two of the greatest action thrillers ever made and they're both stupid in their own way. Man on Fire actually starts out really good, because the first act is engaging and actually rather heartfelt. But it all goes to shit once the actual kidnapping starts. The editing gets really annoying, the direction gets way too frantic, and it turns into an even shittier version of Taken. The editing kills that movie. If it weren't for that first act, I would have picked Taken, but Taken was stupid through and through. And not stupid in a good way like Commando, just lame stupid like a bad James Bond movie.

Man on Fire for me. Other than the realistic idea of the kidnapping in Taken, the rest of the movie has 0 suspense to it. At no point in the movie do you think Liam will fail. That is not a formula that works, at least Denzel is human in Man on Fire.