Taken vs. Unknown



enjoyed both a lot... while the plot of Unknown was really entertaining, Nesson's character in Taken just delivered the charisma to win this battle

Unknown was so much better than Taken. It had a better story and wasn't anti-climactic like Taken was.

Unknown was better than I was expecting but I didn't get into it as much as Taken. Either way, Liam Neeson is the most bad-ass almost 60 year old out there.

Taken was so much better than Unknown. After watching Taken I was a bit dissapointed with Unknown, still a good movie, but not one of those "I could watch it 100 times and never get tired of it" kind of movies.

Hello? Neither of these was one of those "I could watch it 100 times & not get tired of it" kind of movies. At least, not for me. I like the *idea* of Neeson in an action film, but neither of these really delivered. At least the cheese factor was a bit lower in Unknown. And it had Frank Langella in it. I go with Unkown.

Taken is FAR better and it's not even close. Unknown never hits the mark. It’s like they wanted to write Jason Bourne as a dumb and incompetent older character and were dared to try and fold elements of Total Recall in to the script. The plot is nowhere near as clever as it pretends to be and when the pace starts to drag, they blindly throw in a Bourne type mini-fight and mini-car chase probably to attempt to wake up the audience. The story’s twists and turns are kind of easy to spot and actually near nonsensical when you think about it. Also, for 90% of the film, the toughest character in the entire film is the illegal immigrant cab driver/waitress played by Diane Kruger. Terrible.

I stand by my earlier decision -- and I still don't get what the big deal is about Taken -- but I just wanted to add that January Jones's acting in Unknown may constitute the worst performance I've seen in years. It almost made me change my vote. But less cheesiness + Frank Langella = still a win fro Unknown.

I thought Unknown wasn't too bad. (Agreed on January Jones, though. The woman fills out a dress okay, otherwise, she's pretty much got nothing.) It was good enough for a lazy viewing. But it was no Taken.

Taken is far superior in my eyes. Very intense and investing movie. The premise of Unknown is interesting but overall the movie always falls flat for me.

I'm taking Taken for sure here.