The Exorcist vs. Videodrome



I have to admit I'm not a big fan of The Exorcist. I think I appreciate the effect it has/had on other people more than I find it scary or disturbing. It is a well made film though. Videodrome is much more trashy and budget-conscious, the ending is quite weak in my opinion and The Exorcist has certainly aged better, but I found Videodrome much more disturbing (as horror films go, purely based on horror and shock factor, Videodrome is one of the most disturbing films I have watched in a while). For that reason, Videodrome wins.

Videodrome suffers from the "Hmm, I really don't know how to properly end this"-syndrome, but overall, it's more my kind of movie than The Exorcist. Doesn't mean that The Exorcist isn't awesome, though.

The Exorcist knocks Videodrome out of the park in this one. The key being The Exorcist's far superior rewatchability compared to Videodrome...

Many complain about Videodrome's ending, but I think it works. As Max Renn gets further and further into the world of Videodrome his personality and brain clearly degrade. He's reduced to a useful tool, only capable of doing what he's programmed to do. His story is absolutely over. Even his triumph wasn't really his, merely the result of reprogramming. The final scene could be read many ways: Simple delusional suicide is the most obvious. Alternately it could be suicide implanted in him by Bianca's reprogramming. Or it really could be as Nicki tells him: he needs to implant a videodrome tumor in his body to leave it behind and advance to "the next stage". In any case, Max Renn, the meatbag, is done. And the look on his face implies that no matter what, he's happy his current nightmare is over.

Really liked Videodrome, but The Exorcist is just a moe well made picture, so it wins here!

i've never appreciated the exorcist but i love videodrome