Coraline vs. 9



In a battle of Burton-esque flicks (he produced both of these) this is a tough but makeable call. 9 is eerie and atmospheric and lays down a hautingly lovely parable with cool action. Coraline, however, has some of the same technical and style marks for it but is coupled to a much more personal and affecting story characters one can get more invested in. Coraline is a charming protagonist and while I was surprised by how much I came to care for a sewn up doll, Coraline had me at hello.

I think I enjoyed 9 better. While Coraline's good it's a bit overrated.

OMG, probably two of my top 5 in the animated genre. I'd have to give the slight edge to 9. It was so different and special!

9 was horrible

I enjoyed 9 better.