Coraline vs. The Secret of NIMH



Coraline is a great fantasy but it can't quite measure of to Secret of Nimh. Love them both though.

Good match-up! They're both excellent films. These both feature great artwork, and take their audiences very seriously. They're both movies that are both very dark and not very child-friendly in spite of their MPAA ratings. As for which one I think is better, I think Coraline has the slight edge. I just love the way it makes its fantastical themes feel so realistic, and grounds in reality its bizarre, imaginative ideas. The Secret of NIMH is an excellent, excellent film that I heartily recommend, but Coraline wins. Good match-up, though..

got to go with Secret of Nimh.

Some great non-Disney animated films from other auteur animation filmmakers. I'll vote for Secret of NIMH because I'm more invested in the characters' plight in that movie, but Coraline is still a spellbinding journey.