The Terminator vs. The Empire Strikes Back



No comments? Wow. I'm sure I'm in the minority on this, but I'm going with Terminator.

Nah, Star Wars is all good, but fans are gassed.

I love me some Terminator, but Darth Vader would crush the T-1000.

I'm joining Team Terminator. You're all okay with that name, right?

I'm joining Team Terminator. You're all okay with that name, right?

Empire I am, win I will.

Two of the best 80's films for sure. Empire takes my vote

Both of these movies are on the opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to pacing. The Terminator may be a great influence on the action genre. Its slow building, chilling atmosphere, and great pace. But Empire Strikes Back is just completely different. In the second third, when a car chase takes place on The Terminator, Han and Chewie are repairing the Falcon on Empire. I mean, it starts a bit rushed, with the spectacular Hoth battle scene, so it isn't slow building. It's very fast, and that's good. Some movies went wrong because they're too faster, where they needed to be slow (cff Transformers cff). Empire isn't one of them, as The Terminator isn't on the Alien levels of slowness. That's nice about the movies. Some movies are slow, but if they're fast, they must be ruins. And vice versa. And the contrary. Anyways, I'll take Empire based on limitless purposes. The Terminator was great and all, but it's too cheesy.

Empire easily destroys the T-800 for me..

The Terminator is the greatest film of all time IMO.

The Terminator for having a bitch killed straight up and it was certainly no movie for kids .