The Terminator vs. Predator



Oh dear god no....

This is just impossible ...

This is a helluva showdown. If it were T2, this would be no contest, but I think in this instance, Predator just edges out The Terminator.

Arnie vs. Arnie - brilliant. Preadtor just sneaks ahead of T1, but if it had been T2, I would probably have exploded through indecision.

Predator is cooler, but The Termiator is more entertaining overall.

I would much rather watch Predator than The Terminator. McTiernan is a better action director than Cameron.


I prefer The Terminator.

Predator is much more enjoyable than The Terminator. Things would look different if this was T1 vs. Predator 2, or T2 vs. Predator, though.

Terminator is a far better film to me. One of the most suspenseful films of the 80s.

Terminator is Good, But Predator Is Awesome

Predator this time around

This is a tough choice... I love both of these movies... um.. hm... egh... I guess I'd have to go with Predator, it was just more entertaining to me.

Hopefully this movie will be made some...Terminator vs. Predator

Predator is a classic.

I love predator but the terminator is a better movie.

The Terminator, but not by much.

Gotta be Predator!

i think predator is the best arnie film hard but predator but both in my top 20

Predator in arnold schwarzeneggers best film but only just beating T2. This contest isnt a challange.

Man two great and fun Arnie action films While Predator is awesome fun with a great cast and cool monster I do love it! Terminator is a deep influential sci-fi movie its dark, smart,sexy and cool! plus kinda scary The Robot is almost a serial Killer and cant be stopped! Terminator no contest!

Terminator, it has a lot more going for it.

Personally I like The Terminator quite a bit more.

The Terminator has the deeper story, but I don't think there is a better, pure entertainment, action movie than Predator. Predator, every time.

I like them both and it's a hard decision...but I'll go with The Terminator.

The Terminator and it isn't even close.

Both are Classic action/Sci-Fi films. Terminator beats Predator (1) vs (6)