Dogma vs. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back



Dogma mend the people together to make Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back. Dogma was my choice.

These films are very similar- both are road trip adventure comedies with parades of cameos. Dogma gets preachy at times, J&SBSB gets downright stupid. Hard choice, but I'll go for stupid over preachy.

I felt that Dogma wasn't preachy at all. Kevin Smith accepted the flaws with religion, but then built on it with his own trademark humor and mythology, never letting his believes derail the narative. It's well-written, well-acted, and thoroughly enjoyable. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is fun and creative with some of it's movie parodies, but is much more of a dumb stoner comedy than a smart religious satire. For those reasons, Dogma wins here.

I'll agree with TheHonestFilmFan. Also, Alanis Morissette was God.