Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End



Dead Man's chest, easy. FIrst look at Davy Jones and his crew is outstanding.

HA! Finally! To compare the top and the mess of a franchise!

this isn't fair I hate them both!

damnit, the only good one was the first one.

I thought that the third one was the best one out of the two. The second one felt like a mess, while the third had better action and I liked the Pirate Council scene.

They're like The Matrix sequels: I don't HATE either of them; they both have their good qualities, even if those qualities pale in comparison to the original. Dead Man's Chest is a bit less over-the-top weird, and it had more screen time for Davy Jones, who I thought was just fantastic.

What a match up .. totally agree with the other commenter, they areexactly like the Matrix sequels. And like the Matrix Reloaded ... Dead Mans Chest FTW!

Part 3 improved over Part 2, and neither can compare to Part 1.

Dead Man's Chest, At World's End was a bit messy.

Dead Man's Chest is a little too cute for it's own good, while At World's End is waaaay too cute for it's own good.

2 is the weakest link in the Pirates series for now

Not a huge fan of the series by any means, but part III was an atrocious bore...

I'm going to be controversial and say that World's End was better. Mind you , both have plots that are way too conveluted, but at least At World's End didn't turn the characters into 1 dimensional versions of themselves.

Even the painful cliffhanger at the end of Dead Man's Chest is better than the truly atrocious ending of At World's End, that does a disservice to a good series.

Most other films >> 1 >> 2 > 3. Not seen 4, but I'm assuming it's worse.

Pirates 3 is one of the worst movie watching experiences of my life. There is no logic whatsoever, atrocious plotpoints, weak humor, and the fact that it's tedious, boring AND long for no good reason makes it a torturing experience. Ugh. Pirates 2, while not as good as the first, at least had a fun beginning and an even more fun ending.

Believe it or not, Dead Man's Chest is actually my favorite of the trilogy. Simple choice.

Dead Man's Chest was about as good as the original. At World's End is messy, long and dull. I honestly was not surprised to learn that At World's End started filming BEFORE the script was finished.

I dislike the PotC series as a whole but At World's End was indeed better.

Dead Man's Chest! At World's End was ok, but the problem I had with it was the ending for Jack!

I love them all to be honest, but Dead Man's Chest is the best of the sequels.

Dead Mans Chest

Dead Man's Chest. Part 3 gives me a headache.

Pretty much what MysticSpoon said; Pirates 2 was the lesser of two evils.

Worlds end was dark i iked it but not as much as Dead Mans Chest both are good not as good as the classic first one .

I just find At World's End to be very boring. The first two Pirates movies were so much better.

Dead Man's Chest, whilst nowhere near as good as the original, at least had me engaged. At World's End bored me to tears.

Dead Man's Chest was way better. At World's End went in a bad direction, and i very much disliked On Stranger Tides.

I actually liked Dead Man's Chest. It's not a perfect movie. The pacing and tone is inconsistent and there's a lot of plot holes but it has some spectacular action sequences and I liked Davy Jones and his crew. At World's End was horrible! Too many characters, style over substance, dull, loud and overlong. It's not my least favourite film in the franchise, that belongs to "Dead Men Tell No Tales" which (believe it or not) gave me a bit more appreciation for AWE and even made me find a few positives in it (characters, stakes, action, etc.).

Just rewatched these for the first time since their original releases and they're really just two halves of the same bad whole! Slight preference for the trilogy conclusion because you get Barbossa and pirate king Elizabeth. (On the other hand, the scenes of multiple Jacks are just unbearable.)

Dead Man's Chest is better

Both are pretty meh, Dead Man's Chest is a bit better, I think.