Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest vs. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones



Two very stinky second entries of a trilogy. The arena-fight climax in 'Attack of the Clones' is somewhat redeeming.

I find Dead Man's Chest to be less stinky than Attack of the Clones. I'll see you your arena battle and raise you one Davy Jones, whom I thought was a fantastic character, and brilliantly realized on screen, no matter how uneven the film itself was. Plus, the dialogue in Episode II is absolutely atrocious, and there are at least a few decent lines in DMC.

Attack of the Clones wasnt that bad it had some cool moments but Dead Man's Chest was less funny than the first but overall very enjoyable unless the -Kracken!! a solid fun film.

While neither are perfect, I enjoy both sequels. I have to go with Dead Man's Chest as the winner

I'll take any and all Star Wars movies over any Pirates flick...

Dead Mans Chest for sure. Episode II is decent, but Dead Mans Chest is a bit better.

Dead's Man's chest was a step down from Black Pearl but still a decent enough sequel. Clones is easily the worst of the Star Wars film's, and that's saying alot.

Attack of the Clones was a lot better than it's predecessor (The Phantom Menace) while Dead Man's Chest wasn't. That's not really saying something when your predecessor is one of the worst first movies in any trilogy of all time so forget the force, in this one, the pirate's life is for me.

Dead Man's Chest is the best in the Pirates series and I really liked Clones. Overall, I think I'll go with Dead Man's Chest.

battle of two of the biggest sequels here I'm gonna go with Pirates because that was more entertaining