Being John Malkovich vs. Adaptation



Although this will probably go against popular belief, I like the the Jonze/Kaufman team better on Adaptation. The script is just so original and the concept was really interesting but also really hard to pull off and both writer, director, and cast did an amazing job with it

Both ingenious. Malkovich is probably more entertaining because of its faster pace, but 'adaptation.' is the cleverest script ever written.

Being John Malkovich was a watershed film for me. It stuck with me long after I saw it and it still remains one of my all-time favorites. Adaptation, while an unexpected gem, cannot compare.

Adaptation for me, as much as I loved Being John Malkovich, this one impressed me just that little bit more

i like both films but i love adaptation much more. i just loved the meta aspect of adaptation and how funny all those things fictional charlie kaufman didnt want in his movie ironically came up into the actual film.

Charyou Tree is right. Adaptation is the lesser of the two.

I feel the script and acting was better in Adaptation but I like JOHN more its a fun film yet a very smart one o watch John Malkovich more often i find it funny as well and remember it more often.

Having just recently watched both, I can say that both are phenomenal and Charlie Kaufman, is indeed, one of the best screenwriters working today. Both films are stunningly original, captivating and utterly breathtaking in every aspect though I pick "Adaptation" for its utterly amazing multilayered story. Nicolas Cage, at perhaps his very best.

both great, but adaptation's screenplay is so endlessly fascinating