Friday the 13th Part II vs. Friday the 13th



I'm probably the biggest fan of Part 2 you'll find, but the original is still the superior film.

The original probably worked better as a horror film, but honestly, I enjoyed Part 2 so much more. It's also superior in a few aspects; the effects are better (sorry, Tom Savini), it's better paced, the characters are more likeable and memorable, and it's just a lot more entertaining. And the climax, oh man, it's hilarious stuff. I like the original, but Part 2 is just a blast.

I hated the original and enjoyed part 2 quite a bit.

"Part 2" because of wheelchairs and short shorts (but mostly for those short shorts).

Both very very close on my list but I always enjoyed the 2nd more than the first but both very very close on my list

the First one is still a game changer and Jason in part 2 is fun but no Hockey mask and the tension story & Deaths(while stolen) were better in Part one almost every Horror film after took after it!

I can't believe there is no comments here! Two Classics. I'm going with Part 2 for Jason, it's the scariest of his movies I find. He actually moves fast is pretty terrifying. After Part 2 he seems to start walking everywhere.

I really like Part 2, but the first one is much better Imo.

Part II was good, but the first one was really good!

This face-off is really close, but Part II has my favorite “Final Girl” in the series (the way Ginny psychologically dismantles Jason is so good), and one of my favorite iterations of Jason Voorhees (“Baghead” is the “boy beast” at his most vulnerable, and his most desperately terrifying).

I feel like this is a situation like Alien vs Aliens, Kill Bill Vol. 1 vs 2, or Terminator vs Terminator 2. What I mean by that is that the films are tied exactly, and it’s up to your personal preferences on which you like more. These two films are excellent slashers, even decades later they still feel fresh and exciting. Personally I’m a Part II kinda guy. I just thought Jason was awesome in that movie. He’s clumsy but super aggressive, which is perfect for a new killer, but he’s never the butt of a joke, he’s always treated as absolutely terrifying. And the movie has one of my favorite Final Girls, as she’s super smart but not invincible, a perfect balance. Not to downplay the Final Girl and killer in Part I, I just prefer the ones in Part II more. But like I said, they’re both amazing, and still deserve viewings.

Both are highlights in the franchise. Personally, I prefer the original ever so slightly

Hmm, difficult: I quite like the first one because it feels less like a straightforward "slasher" and more like a cross between a slasher and a murder-mystery/thriller, but the second one has a slightly better story in my opinion + it actually has Jason... I think I'll go with the second one purely because of that last fact, but I can definitely see myself being persuaded on this one!