The Little Mermaid vs. Aladdin



Another tough one, but the edge goes to Aladdin. The Little Mermaid just doesn't stack up to the likes of Aladdin or The Lion King.

I liked Aladdin more. The Little Mermaid was too girly as I recall.

"Too girly?" "Doesn't stack up?" Please.

It's close, but not too close. I love The Little Mermaid, but I love Aladdin more.

I always liked "Mermaid," but thought the ending was kind of abrupt. Never understood all the love for "Aladdin."

No contest. Aladdin.

Mermaid was a good movie and I loved the underwater world and the star-crossed lovers story line. But Aladdin is one of my favorites because I love the genie.

The Little Mermaid was a very good film. The best that was ever made in America. Aladdin was just The Little Mermaid with the genders swapped. Regardless, TLM was a masterpiece.


The Little Mermaid is great and all, but were talking about fucking Aladdin here.

Aladdin for the songs.

Aladdin had everything

Aladdin in an absolute blowout...

Possibly Aladdin, but it's pretty darn close.

Now we're talking! Two of Disney's greatest, and both helped form the renaissance. Growing up, Mermaid was my sister's favourite Disney flick while Aladdin was mine. Aladdin for the win! While Mermaid raised the bar, Aladdin improved on it further. The animation, music, characters, story and humour are great in both films, but all are greater in Aladdin (although it's very close).

Aladdin is goos but The Little Mermaid is way better in so many levels! So i pick The Little Mermaid

TLM is really nice, of course, but Aladdin draws in people better with the Cool Arabian Night song, and the romance is absolutely stunning!! Obviously, TLM is more funny, as Sab gets stuck in such an ironic situation with the chef and ends up singing a song to NOBODY, but Aladdin's solution was far better and understood, more strategic and Aladdin-like. Aladdin is almost flawless and TLM had that little moment of confusion--how did the prince understand what the hay was going on?? In conclusion, Aladdin wins. TLM struggles long and hard, the end Aladdin is the one who gets the knock-out.

The Little Mermaid is way better. Aladdin is one of the worst and most terrible Disney movies ever, and is overrated like hell.

I think both are two of the best Disney ever made solo not counting Pixar and the films they bought out! Little Mermaid has a great story and has lush underwater scenes and gets dark and charming Aladdin wins though cause of the Genie played by Williams and a great Villain in Jafar!

Aladdin is the best non-Pixar animation of all-time.

Aladdin > The Little Mermaid.

Aladdin is better than The Little Mermaid, in my opinion.

Aladdin Robin Williams as Genie can't be beat.


I prefer The Little Mermaid.

Never mind, I now realize the truth. It is totally the other around. The Little Mermaid is the boring and awful movie, while Aladdin is fantastic. Aladdin has a much better story, better villain, better music. Aladdin takes this easily.

Aladdin is by far the better Disney classic, it's special, it's musical, it's romantic, and it's hilarious, I freaking love the Genie. The Little Mermaid is just good

I love The Little Mermaid