The Little Mermaid vs. Batman Begins



Wow, this one's actually difficult as hell for me. I'm that rare breed who knows all the words to "Part of Your World", but also loves the crap outta Batman. Comics and Disney are 2 of my favourite things. I think I have to pick The Little Mermaid, though. It's just such an amazing modern fairy tale. Ursula rules!

i never really got in that Disney movie, i like nearly all others much more. But Batman Begins was great.

Ha! BohemianMonkey, I'm with you. Although, in this case, I have to go with Batman. Aladdin or The Lion King would be a different story.

I'm with Johnmason.

I love The Little Mermaid. Not much for Batman.

The first part of the Dark knight trilogy, wins over the Little Mermaid.

Never really was too keen on The Little Mermaid. Batman Begins never gets old for me no matter how many times I watch it.

Definetely no doubts The Little Mermaid takes this, not only has a better and magical story, is part of my childhood and brings those good memories and feelings and remember us that we used to be good people and believe in fairy tales and happy endings.

Batman begins, THE best origin story of any character, fictional or real, regardless of the genre.

Nolan's Batman Began with a yawn (Begins) and ended with a whimper (TDKR). Just because what came between was pretty good doesn't excuse the crap that's known as Batman Begins.