The Little Mermaid vs. Finding Nemo



Two fantastic animated films set in the ocean, with wildly different tones and stories; as good as FINDING NEMO is, though, THE LITTLE MERMAID was part of that sweet, sweet rush of instant classic Disney films in the late '80s and early '90s. Gotta pick it.

Something fishy going on here... I love The Little Mermaid, and adore the second Golden Age of Disney Animation that it ushered in, but Finding Nemo is just so fantastic, it's my favorite animated movie of all time.

"Finding Nemo" in just about every way ("Mermaid" wins for music).

Love them both. Edge goes to Nemo because of the Pixar factor.

Finding Nemo ripped off the Little Mermaid, a film made with human hands and higher quality.

The Little Mermaid, the story and songs are the things that made it better than Finding Nemo.

The Little Mermaid, if just by a bit.

this truely is a tough one, both are amazing in there own under the sea way, both disney masterpieces, but i have to give it to the little mermaid, a true love story showing the message of love has no bounderies, but even though, perhaps nemo might have a stronger message of how far a father would go for his son, very hard indeed

The Little Mermaid is more magical and reminds me of my childhood so i go with The Little Mermaid!

Finding Nemo

I'll take Nemo over the Mermaid...


Finding Nemo. Only because I saw that one in theaters as a kid.

Definitely The Little Mermaid. A true game-changer.