A Mighty Wind vs. Best in Show



Well, this is comparing apples to apples...

I don't remember much about A Mighty Wind, but I remember everything about Best in Show, so.....

I liked A Mighy Wind but Best in Show is funny and i do love dogs both films have almost the same cast like all of their films got to go with Best in Show.

A Mighty Wind is funnier and I don't like dogs...so this is easy.

I guess to me A Mighty Wind is where the guest mockumentary becomes OVERstuffed with talent. Like, what does Parker Posey even have to do in this movie? And Jennifer Coolidge’s character is funny but she has what, two scenes? And has absolutely no impact on the other people or the way the concert unfolds. Best in Show utilizes its ever-so-slightly-smaller cast better, and reveals the ridiculousness of their characters with a sharper satirical edge.


Best in Show was satire at its best.