Changeling vs. Gran Torino



Gran Torino strained my credulity numerous times, but I found moments here and there that I liked. Changeling held my attention throughout without being annoying, but it didn't impress me all that much. I guess Gran Torino takes it, but barely.

Although Gran Torino boasts Clint Eastwood's final onscreen appearance (at least until he catches the acting bug again) I thought Changeling was a more well-rounded piece. It featured a truly striking turn by Angelina Jolie and moments of true horror among the melodrama.


I liked Changeling and thought Gran Torino was an unbelievable take the law in your own hands,race baiting,inflate your ego,euthanasia challenged excuse for Eastwood to growl through another performance.

Maybe a few months ago, I would have picked Gran Torino, but looking back, Changeling was a more complete film, and was definitely more thrilling. Love Clint Eastwood anyway.

They were both about the same quality level for me, but I thought Torino was more memorable.

Torino without a doubt. Changeling missed the mark completely.

How many times are you going to ask me this?

Gran Torino for me.