Rocky Balboa vs. Rocky V



No one's commented on this matchup? Ok, i will then. Rocky Balboa may seem late and unnecessary but i's actually pretty good. Rocky V is definitely the worst Rocky.

Neither movie has Apollo Creed in it, so they must be ignored.

It's definitely true that Rocky Balboa was unnecessary, but it did wind up being better than Rocky V.

Lol, Caesar said it perfectly.

Rocky V>Rocky Balboa

Rocky V never happened. IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Rocky> Creed> Rocky III> Rocky II> Rocky Balboa> Rocky IV> Rocky V

:) Stop. It's terrific.

Man, I love Rocky IV. I mean, it's probably the most popular "guilty pleasure" of all time. Everyone knows it's terrible, but it's still so...good. Perhaps, not good. Just "fun". Whatever. I still enjoyed it. Rocky Balboa? Meh.

Rocky Balboa no doubt. Rocky Morrison was a huge swing and a miss.

ROCKY BALBOA. No question. I was very skeptical when I had first heard Stallone was doing another Rocky film and I was very surprised by how much I really enjoyed it. The story really wasn't so far-fetched and I think he stayed true to the original character and storytelling that made the first one so good.

I actually think Rocky V isn't that bad. I loved the street fight. But Rocky Balboa is obviously the better film, the only problem I have with it was Adrian being killed off. She was one of my favorite characters from the first five movies.

Rocky V has some really great scenes and meanings, but as a whole it isn’t a great movie. Rocky Balboa isn't as good as the original, but it was entertaining, fun, and refreshing.