Juno vs. Thank You for Smoking



I love these two movies, both directed by Jason Reitman. I enjoy Juno more, as a character study, but I laughed more during Thank You For Smoking.

thankyou for smoking for me thanks

I love Jason Reitman. Both of these movies are brilliant. and I can't wait till "Up in the Air"

Ellen Page is just too darn lovable to deny. Juno.

Jason Reitman is one of the few high-profile artists who actually gets worse every time he steps behind the camera. I loved THANK YOU when it came out, thought JUNO was cute (pre-hype), and was flabbergasted by how crappy UP IN THE AIR was -- basically a sell-out remake of THANK YOU. Added to that is how insufferable Reitman is as a person (look it up) and I'm pretty much decided not to give him another minute of my time ever again. What a douchebag.

Thank You for Smoking was mildly enjoyable, but it hardly made much of a lasting impression. Juno certainly did make an impression, but it was overwhelmingly negative.

Could Nick Naylor convince Juno to start smoking in her final trimester? I think he could! Anyway TFS IS and awesome movie whereas Juno COULD have been an awesome (well very good, maybe) movie if not for the weak, emotional second half.

Thank You For Smoking is one of the most biting and hilarious satires I've ever seen! Juno doesn't stand a chance as Thank You For smoking takes the cake!

TYfS for more satirical wit