Juno vs. Little Miss Sunshine



Tough one! Both great movies, similar humour..

Similar style of humor yet tonally different in many ways. Juno for the laugh, Little Miss Sunshine For the Heart.

Both warmed my heart and funny bone, 'Juno' however is a special film for me in ways even I can't describe. A personal all time favorite for sure. Sorry 'Sunshine', I love you too but gotta pick a favorite.

i own and watched both many times! very, very tough choice. overall, little miss sunshine is the superior movie for sure

Both got similar hype. One was worth it. The other, not so much. Juno's a favorite of mine. Little Miss Sunshine was just okay.

"Little Miss Sunshine" surprised me more than "Juno" did. It was darker and less predictable, and forever changed "Super Freak" for me.

I only just saw Little Miss Sunshine, and liked it. But I'm kind of with Charyou_Tree here: I think LMS was more than "just okay", but I loved Juno, especially the second time through. Maybe this choice would be tougher if I watched Little Miss Sunshine again in a few months....


Little Miss Sunshine made me laugh way harder than Juno when I first saw it, and its story was more entertaining. However, now that I own both, they're at about the same level for me. I'll just give it to Little Miss Sunshine for now.

I'll tip the 4-4 split on over to Juno sides, love them both, just love Juno a little more.

one was trying to be a good indie comedy, and one WAS a good indie comedy.

Two movies I personally can't stand. Neither clicked with me...I'll go with Juno...but I say so with agony.


I love both movies a lot, but Little Miss Sunshine wins this battle with no contest. It's a better movie all the way around, with huge laughs that put Juno to shame. Juno is still a great movie though. It just doesn't hold a candle to Little Miss Sunshine is all.

Juno is okay but the winner for me is Little Miss Sunshine. It's my favorite movie. Abigail Breslin is adorable and Alan Arkin terrific as her grandpa. Overall terrific acting and very entertaining.

Little miss sunshine has the edge here because of better performances.I like juno too

I really do hate everyone

Little Miss Sunshine is holding up really well in my memory, though I have yet to rewatch it. Still in the Juno camp, though.

Juno for me, but both are darling films.