Juno vs. There Will Be Blood




As much as I like movies about mouthy, sexually irresponsible teenagers who realize that the person they love is the geeky guy who was right in front of the all along (and who is also the father of the baby, but somehow barely has a purpose in the movie aside from showing up for the abrupt, unconvincing ending and planting his seed)... I have to vote for There Will Be Blood. Oh, I forgot to mention Jennifer Garner's remarkable performance as a castrating, baby-obsessed shrew (Jason Bateman should've kicked her humorless ass to the curb). Yeah, this is really close, but I have to with There Will Be Blood. I'll probably lay awake tonight regretting my decision, but nobody said this would be a walk in the park.

Sarcasm is often so deeply embedded, so personally abrsobed that it essentially becomes imperceptible to almost everyone besides the initiator. As a simple act of net courtesy I'd like to point out that this is true of the comment above mine. Psychosis is also a tough condition to detect without a proper focus and extensive exposure to the kooky. As a further courtesy I'd like to point out that that is the case in the comment above the one above mine. Now, laying my wise-assery aside, the first half of Juno is very entertaining. Second half is your typically Hollywood cowshit. That just doesn't compare to my boy Danny P'view.


Definitey TWBB! No disrespect to Juno because I really liked it, but there will be blood is an instant American classic!

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